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Thinkwise Foundation delights Present Foundation Apeldoorn with donation for their Christmas angel project

The Thinkwise Foundation donates 1,000 euros to the Christmas angel project of Present Apeldoorn. Present will use this donation to support children, who live in a home situation where there is not much to spare, during the time before Christmas.

Every week in the four weeks prior to Christmas they will receive a small gift from a “Christmas angel” of the Present Foundation. For example, this can be a present or some goodies to bake.

“This donation lights up Apeldoorn in the dark days before Christmas. With this money we can really do something special for the children”, says Ineke Jonker of Present.

Ineke Jonker of Present receives the cheque from Robert Schildkamp on behalf of the Thinkwise Foundation.

About Present Foundation

Present Foundation helps people who need help and do not have a network or family to help them. The Foundation is keen to start a movement in Apeldoorn where more and more people find it self-evident to look at each other.