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Thinkwise expands its license sales in 2018

Low-code platforms are the future according to Forrester 

Apeldoorn, 31 January 2018 – According to the latest Forrester report low-code platforms are the future. This is demonstrated, for example, by the success of low-code software suppliers such as Thinkwise. The company expects to double its license sales through partners in 2018 and in addition help many new customers with flexible business software for their business critical systems.

According to Forrester, new technologies such as low-code give a strong impetus to software development. Low-code platform suppliers can quickly and flexibly provide high quality business software, resulting in more involvement and satisfaction from their customers. Low-code platforms bring the benefits of custom software within the reach of their business customers, but without the disadvantages.

This also applies for Thinkwise. Until now, the company focused very successfully on the development of low-code business software for the business critical systems of large organizations. For example, only last year Thinkwise completed the implementation of a new ERP system at 36 VDL subsidiaries. Furthermore, the company celebrated its fifteenth anniversary and came second at the Computable Awards in the category Software Supplier of the Year 

Low-code innovations

According to the 2018 Forrester Predictions we can expect many new innovations this year. For example, the market research company pointed out to the software industry that it should be prepared for the emergence of many new low-code functions that meet specific requirements in, among others, the areas of business software, Artificial Intelligence and big data. Thinkwise is also not standing still in this respect and the R&D department continues to further develop the Thinkwise platform.

Thinkwise in 2018

Thinkwise wants to continue its growth in 2018. Through its expanding specialization in the low-code landscape, Thinkwise will increasingly focus in 2018 on license sales through package suppliers that purchase the Thinkwise Suite to modernize their package and through consultancy firms that deploy the Thinkwise Suite to achieve specific customer solutions. They can subsequently apply their branch knowledge to the development of low-code software models for specific markets. Acto is a good example of a package supplier that developed a new ERP system, in cooperation with Thinkwise, for its customers in the installation and construction sector. It is expected that this focus on license sales will result in more growth for Thinkwise.

In addition, Thinkwise continues to focus on the development of turn-key business software for the core systems of large customers and on companies that themselves do development using the Thinkwise platform. Robert van der Linden, Thinkwise CEO, says about this: “We are currently developing a new license model, with which we separate license sales from our turn-key business. For the latter we continue to mainly focuses on large customers with hundreds of users and their central systems.”

Thinkwise seeks new employees

Thinkwise has had an extremely successful year and intends to continue this growth and development in the new year. The company is therefore in search of at least 50 new employees with a Bachelor of Information Technology degree, or another technical Bachelor education. After their appointment they will be given an internal Thinkwise training in which all aspects of the Thinkwise Suite and project approach will be discussed during a period of six months. Please also watch this video for more information.