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Thinkwise Expands AI Features with Platform Release 2024.2

Apeldoorn, May 28, 2024 – The Thinkwise Platform's release 2024.2 significantly enhances the AI capabilities of the model-driven development platform for business-critical applications. This update introduces more AI-driven capabilities to accelerate application development, alongside the implementation of various community ideas.

The new release of the Thinkwise Platform includes the further integration of AI-powered model enrichments in the Software Factory, where the software is built. By entering a description of the business logic, the platform can automatically generate code, add comments, and perform reviews using AI. This means developers no longer need to write code manually but only need to verify it for errors, saving significant time and improving code quality. Additionally, model enrichments have been added that are specifically designed for a seamless migration to the latest User Interface, the Universal GUI. This allows customers to transition to the new user interface with minimal effort.

With the improved Web connection feature, Thinkwise also introduces a new process flow connector. This makes it even easier to develop and share integrations via the Thinkstore, the library containing applications, modules, functionality, and connectors from which developers can download process flows of, for example, previously modeled connections for their own integrations. Additionally, the platform's Oracle support has been updated, including enhanced support for Oracle Packages. This significantly simplifies the development of Thinkwise applications on an Oracle Database.


This release also includes the realization of numerous Thinkwise Community ideas submitted by users. In total, 25 ideas have been implemented. For instance, with the "merge arbitrary branches" feature, users can merge changes from a feature branch—a separate branch used for developing new features without affecting the main branch—into another feature branch. Additionally, the Software Factory now has an improved code search function, the wildcards in code search. Moreover, the "jump to objects" feature makes navigation within the Software Factory easier.

“We promise that applications built with the Thinkwise Platform can seamlessly migrate to new technologies and never become obsolete. With this release, we are fulfilling that promise. Additionally, the further integration of advanced AI features ensures even higher productivity and quality in application development. The improved Web connector functionality also makes integrating Thinkwise applications with other applications and services simpler and more powerful,” says Jasper Kloost, CTO at Thinkwise.

Thinkwise continuously develops new technologies based on the vision that the platform never becomes obsolete. This relieves customers of technological concerns, allowing them to focus on functionality.

A complete overview of the new features and improvements in release 2024.2 can be found on the Thinkwise Community.