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Thinkwise Christmas box brings joy to Woongroep De Beele

The Thinkwise Foundation has donated 2,000 Euro to Stichting van het Kind. This donation, in cooperation with Stichting van het Kind, has been used to put together 15 Christmas boxes, to cheer up children who can’t go home for Christmas.


Christmas fun

The Beele youth care facility houses 150 children. They are divided into several groups of about 10 children per group. In part due to Covid19, many children will probably not be able to go home for Christmas. They will have to spend the holidays with the group. With these Christmas boxes we want to give these vulnerable children cheerfulness and relaxation during the holidays and promote their self-reliance and development. The box contains educational games, Christmas cards and stamps, a Pathé home voucher and a cookbook. Each box also contains a gift card so the children can order a small present for each other to put under the Christmas tree.

“These Christmas boxes will bring many happy faces at the Woongroep”, according to Sascha van Veen, director of Stichting van het Kind.

About Stichting van het kind

Stichting van het Kind was founded in 2012. This foundation focuses on all 51,000 children in the Netherlands who due to circumstances cannot live at home. 51,000 children who do not get the same opportunities as other children. 27,000 children live in a living group or care facility and 24,000 children live with a foster family. Stichting van het Kind believes in projects that contribute to the development and self-reliance of these children so that they can make a positive contribution to society later.