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Thinkwise as a composability platform: release of the new Thinkstore

The rapid growth in the number of users of the Thinkwise development platform worldwide has led to an ever-increasing demand to share and reuse knowledge and functionality. To address this demand, we have included the Thinkstore in the latest release of the platform (2022.1). The Thinkstore, which has been built using the Thinkwise Platform, is a catalog containing applications, modules, functionality, and connectors. Examples include a complete CRM module, a Microsoft Graph Connector or, a QR code generator. These abstract functions are stored as binary objects and can be imported and used in the development environment.


The Thinkstore further increases development productivity and goes far beyond just importing modules or code. A Thinkstore object can in fact be a complete ‘packaged business capability’ (PBC). This means that a complete package of user stories, processes, design, model, functionality, APIs, and associated test cases is delivered with every downloadable piece of business functionality.

After importing this package with the Thinkwise Platform, the Validator identifies any mismatches with existing applications and then provides functions to align aspects such as naming and other conventions with the applications that have already been built. This ensures that a PBC will seamlessly integrate with the existing IT landscape and gives organizations the flexibility to integrate this functionality into their applications. Gartner calls this thecomposable enterprise of the future.

In this first version the Thinkwise team has prepared an extensive selection of functionality, and soon any user of the platform will be able to upload PBCs to the Thinkstore.