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Thinkwise and Exact start strategic partnership for transport, logistics and retail

Apeldoorn, 27 October 2022 – Thinkwise, vendor of the low-code platform for core applications, and Exact the market leader in business software in the Benelux, have entered into a strategic partnership. The combination of the Thinkwise Platform and Exact’s software enables companies to automate their business processes from A to Z. Initially, Thinkwise and Exact are going to focus on companies in the transport, logistics and retail sectors.

Flexible processes in a changing market

Increased competition, new technologies and retaining efficiency: various sectors are confronted with a challenging market, where flexible processes are required to maintain scalability. Thinkwise and Exact offer a solution with their joint proposition for streamlining business processes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Foto  WimWim Ströhmeyer, Sales Manager HR Payroll & Alliances at Exact: “Companies in the transport, logistics and retail sectors automate their core processes using the Thinkwise low-code platform and arrange their financial processes with the financial software from Exact. This automates their processes from A to Z and enables them to fully utilize their data for optimizing routes and shipments, for example.

Foto Pieter - Paul About
Pieter-Paul van Beek, Thinkwise CEO: “The Thinkwise and Exact solutions are both accessible in the cloud. When circumstances change, internally or externally, you can easily scale the software up or down as required. Furthermore, both solutions are updated automatically with the latest technology."

Complimentary solution

When using the complimentary solution from Thinkwise and Exact, companies experience the perfect mix of the flexibility that is required to automate core processes in combination with the standard financial software from Exact.

Pieter-Paul van Beek: “The major benefit of working with low-code is that companies can develop their Transport Management System (TMS) or Warehouse Management System (WMS) within a very short time frame. Companies can immediately start using the software, without the need to go through a very long implementation process."

Wim Ströhmeyer: “The connection with Exact's smart accounting software provides the company with financial information that is accessible in real-time from one platform.

Proven interface

In recent years the connection between both platforms has been implemented several times at various joint customers, such as for example at Aartsen, an international wholesaler in fruit and vegetables.

Marcel Hendriks, Aartsen CFO: “Our new ERP system Fresh has been completely developed with Thinkwise. At the click of a button we can import and update the payment status of all open invoices of our customers into Fresh from our financial package Exact. This is a fully automated process, no further manual actions at all are expected from the user. This also avoids the possibility of any inaccuracies in the administration.

Strategic alliance

The cooperation between Thinkwise and Exact at various customers has proved to be so successful that a strategic partnership was a logical next step.

Pieter-Paul van Beek: “Our proven experience in the transport, logistics and retail sectors and Exact's powerful financial software now means that organizations can select the combination of our low-code platform and the Exact financial software with even more confidence.” Wim adds: “It is clear for organizations that they can count on us for a complete solution, which lowers the threshold for customers to do business with us both.

Thinkwise and Exact are looking forward to helping more companies with streamlining their business processes in the future.

Pieter-Paul van Beek: “We are currently focusing on companies in the transport, logistics and retail sectors, but in due course we will also expand into other sectors. Together with Exact we offer organizations a perfect-fit solution for their IT landscape.