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Winners of the Thinkwise Partner of the Year 2020 Awards

This year marks the first annual Thinkwise Partner Awards. The winners were announced last week. Thinkwise presented the awards to partners that have achieved considerable growth or that have distinguished themselves in some other manner.

Rogier van Konijnenburg, Senior Partner Manager at Thinkwise: “During the past year our partners have once again made an essential contribution to the success of Thinkwise Software. Together with our partners, we work hard to modernize and develop enterprise business software for a large number of organizations. We would like to thank all our partners again this year for their fantastic performance and trust in Thinkwise. We look forward to another successful year in which, together with our partners, we will help many companies to innovate and achieve a high-speed digital transformation.


Four categories of partner awards are awarded this year. The winners are:

  • EsperantoXL:                       Thinkwise SI Partner of the Year 2020
  • Acto:                                     Thinkwise ISV Partner of the Year 2020
  • OVSoftware:                        Thinkwise Most Promising Partner of the Year 2020
  • Harm Horstman:                Thinkwise Most Valuable Person of the Year 2020


Thinkwise System Integrator Partner of the Year 2020 – EsperantoXL

The Thinkwise System Integrator Partner of the Year 2020 Award is presented to EsperantoXL this year. A mark of appreciation for the fantastic results of the past year and the various projects that are still in progress. EsperantoXL is the undisputed winner of this award!

Roel Hoeks, Managing Partner of EsperantoXL: “During the past year, EsperantoXL has undergone tremendous growth in both the development of expertise as well as the implementation of new projects using the Thinkwise low-code platform. With the help of the Thinkwise Platform we have been able to demonstrate to our customers that the modernization of legacy software and quickly adding value is actually possible. As a result, we are convinced that this approach will allow us to grow even faster in the coming years to be able to help organizations that face legacy challenges automate their processes. We are very proud of this recognition from Thinkwise.

Thinkwise ISV Partner of the Year 2020 – Acto

As one of the most successful ISVs, with a particularly innovative application and a large number of customers, Acto has won the Thinkwise ISV Partner of the Year 2020 Award.

Willem Verhoef, CEO Acto: “Acto has been developing business software for engineering firms and technical service providers for more than 40 years. We saw (and see) that the world of IT and technology is changing ever more rapidly, and that digitalization continues to play an increasingly important role. If you want to keep your company up-to-date in this area, then you also need flexible business software that continuously modifies itself to meet new requirements. ERP systems need to integrate easily with other systems, handle data from sensor technology, provide support for predictive maintenance and they have to be user-friendly. To be able to develop such a system for your customers you can hardly avoid deploying a low-code platform. A few years ago we made the choice to develop our business software using the Thinkwise Platform and we haven’t regretted it for a second. The award represents the culmination of our fruitful partnership, where Thinkwise provides the technology platform and we, Acto, provide smart and user-friendly software for our customers.

Thinkwise Most Promising New Partner of the Year 2020 – OVSoftware

With an innovative and dedicated team of specialists and a considerable number of new projects about to start, OVSoftware has won the Thinkwise Most Promising Partner of the Year 2020 Award.

Lucas Harbers, OVSoftware Business Developer: “We are absolutely honored by this recognition! We have invested a great deal in knowledge development and the first results with the Thinkwise low-code platform are a fact. We’re also looking forward to the coming year with a large number of projects we will be starting for existing and new relations. These are typically organizations that want to accelerate their digital transformation or that are looking for a solution to the increasingly fast-changing world in which a company must be able to adapt quickly and flexibly to market demands. The Thinkwise low-code platform is the perfect solution for this!

Thinkwise Most Valuable Person of the Year 2020 – Harm Horstman

Due to his significant contribution to the Thinkwise Platform through the Thinkwise community, Harm Horstman has been declared the Most Valuable Person of the Year 2020.

Harm Horstman, Application Developer at HH IT Services: “I am very honored and proud to receive this award. It is nice to see that the ideas, which I have put forward in the community portal, are valued and have been immediately converted into new features. The platform is currently being developed at a rapid pace, which makes it even more broadly deployable. I expect to build even more fantastic solutions, to the great delight of both customers and users.