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The Innovation Power of Visma Solidbricks in the Construction Sector

Discover the strategy behind the software development of Visma Solidbricks: An engaging conversation (in Dutch) with Wouter Boelaars, Managing Director. For over 30 years, Visma Solidbricks has been providing software for the construction industry. Their flexible module-based software seamlessly collaborates to efficiently support complex construction processes.

In an ever-changing sector like construction, where factors like the nitrogen policy can significantly impact operations, it becomes imperative for software vendors to remain adaptable and provide innovative solutions. Visma Solidbricks has risen to this challenge and undergone a transformative journey.

By choosing the Thinkwise Platform, Visma Solidbricks can separate technology from functionality, enabling them to fully focus on innovating their software. This allows them to quickly respond to the changing needs of the construction sector, being aware that what is relevant today may become outdated tomorrow. Making the right technological choices is crucial in this regard.

In this podcast, you will gain unique insight into how Visma Solidbricks has transformed itself as a software provider and effectively utilized the Thinkwise platform. Discover how they have taken the organization along this journey of renewal and how they have enhanced their innovation power in the construction sector.