Skip to content aims to become the largest vendor of technical components and consumer products in Europe with the help of the Thinkwise Platform

Apeldoorn, 10 March 2022 – is going to use the Thinkwise low-code platform for core applications to redevelop its own software environment and prepare it for the future. is going to almost completely rebuild its own software environment using the Thinkwise Platform. Although the webshop was only constructed in 2018, the company’s rapid growth has resulted in the software landscape becoming very fragmented. Interfaces and updates are becoming increasingly difficult. With the Thinkwise Platform, the new environment will be uniform, efficient, and easier to update in the future.

Fast growth

Partly due to the global situation in the past couple of years, during which time ordering on-line has increased significantly, has experienced considerable and rapid growth. currently carries around 2.5 million products, but this will increase to more than 6 million within a few years. In doing so, is and will remain the largest webshop in Europe regarding technical components and consumer products. To facilitate this growth the management, logistics, inventory, and underlying databases will be converted and integrated into one system with the help of Thinkwise.

Jan Hoff, founder and co-owner of, and responsible for IT within the company, says: “We have the widest assortment of technical components and consumer products and provide the most extensive product and service information for consumers and companies in Europe. At the most competitive prices. To safeguard our growth, quality, and service for the future we set out to find the best method of transforming our systems. Thinkwise proved to be the most suitable solution. In fact, the only way to properly do this is with Thinkwise."

Yannick Livestroo, senior account executive at Thinkwise adds: “ is a perfect example of a client we can help realize their core applications through our approach and solutions. If you want to grow quickly then you need a system that is fast, flexible, and lean. We are proud that they too have opted for Thinkwise to achieve their growth ambitions.”