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Sustainability by Design: the core principle behind Thinkwise software development

Apeldoorn, 17 January 2023 – Thinkwise, developer of a leading low-code platform for core systems, launches version 2023.1 of the platform. The new version introduces a new core principle for software development: Sustainability by Design. This will put sustainability at the center of new software development, in addition to the existing core principles of Privacy by Design and Security by Design.

Numerous new functions have been added and improvements made in version 2023.1 of the Thinkwise Platform to improve the user-friendliness of the platform for both end users and developers. A key component and example of this is the built-in Upcycler. This automated tool focuses on the reuse and modernization of legacy software. It enables organizations to rapidly make their existing business processes more sustainable.

“This latest version of the Thinkwise Platform is another major step forward. We have implemented extensive improvements in the backend that make developing large core systems with multiple development teams even easier and more efficient." says Jasper Kloost, Thinkwise CTO.

Increase developer flexibility

Sustainability and efficiency improvements have also been made to the Thinkwise Platform itself. It now consumes less resources than large standard software packages. In addition, the platform's data storage has become an impressive 80 percent more efficient. Previous versions of the platform saved a copy of the entire low-code model with each change, resulting in large amounts of stored data. The latest version now only stores the changes rather than full copies of models during development.

The platform has also been made more accessible for professional developers by bringing the methodology of version management more in line with popular systems such as Git. These innovations enable users of the Thinkwise Platform to make software modifications even faster, giving end users much greater efficiency and flexibility. 

Sustainability by Design

Privacy by Design and Security by Design were already an integral component of the Thinkwise Platform right from the start, designed to ensure optimal security of business applications and data. By adding Sustainability by Design as a new core principle, Thinkwise adds sustainability as an equally important component of software development.

It enables organizations to not only improve the sustainability of their applications, but ultimately also the efficiency of their business processes. In this way Thinkwise shows its continuous commitment to deliver the most sustainable and efficient software solutions to its customers.

To get a complete overview of all the new features, check out the release notes here.