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Stichting Leergeld Apeldoorn-Voorst is thrilled to receive a donation from the Thinkwise Foundation

Increasingly often children in the Netherlands cannot participate in social activities, while their peers and friends can, due to financial constraints. This makes them feel excluded. Stichting Leergeld Apeldoorn-Voorst provides these children with the opportunity to also participate. With a donation of 8,500 Euros granted by the Thinkwise Foundation, 25 children are now able to play sports for an entire year, including  the necessary sports equipment.

Hiske van den Heuvel, president of Stichting Leergeld Apeldoorn-Voorst receives a check of 8,500 Euros from Janine on behalf of the Thinkwise Foundation.


Robert Schildkamp (on the left) is the treasurer of the Thinkwise Foundation.  Henry van Hattmen on the far right of the photo is the treasurer Stichting Leergeld Apeldoorn-Voorst.

Quote Hiske van den Heuvel

“We are very pleased to receive this donation. With this, 25 children can play their favorite sport for an entire year. This way we boost their self-confidence and help them come in contact with other children their age ”.

About Stichting Leergeld Apeldoorn-Voorst

Stichting Leergeld Apeldoorn-Voorst is a private fund that pays for a number of social activities for children aged between 4 and 18 who come from low-income families. Paying fees helps with participation in a school trips, becoming a member of a sports club, the purchase of sporting equipment for the club, ballet shoes for ballet lessons or a bicycle to be able to get somewhere. For more information about Stichting Leergeld Apeldoorn-Voorst visit

 Thinkwise Foundation

Playing sports is an important part of making social contacts, health and the development of children. The Thinkwise Foundation, through its donations, supports sporting initiatives for underprivileged children in the Netherlands so that they are also given the opportunity to play their favorite sport. For more information:  Thinkwise Foundation.