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ProSigma modernizes its logistic application with Thinkwise

Apeldoorn, 24 April 2023 – ProSigma, a vendor of IT solutions for wholesalers and manufacturing companies, is modernizing its transport solution with the Thinkwise Platform. In addition, the company wants to use the Thinkwise Platform to broaden its product assortment and its customer base in the future.

ProSigma has been offering complete solutions to various sectors, including logistics and production, since its establishment in 2007. One of its essential offerings is SmartShip, a shipping application that manages the entire process from order placement to delivery. To update this software, ProSigma has opted to utilize the Thinkwise Platform. Cees Hameete, founder and consultant at ProSigma, commented, "Our new Thinkwise application presents more opportunities and can be modified more quickly."


The original shipping software was created by an external software firm using .NET and was designed to work together with the standard package Exact via a software development kit (SDK). ProSigma aims to become self-sufficient in developing its product and expedite the pace of modifications by eliminating dependence on external parties. While the company wanted to develop the software in-house, they lacked the necessary programming expertise to do so.

After examining the possibilities of low-code solutions Hameete came in contact with Thinkwise. "With most low-code platforms you very quickly run up against limitations,” says Hameete. “This is not the case with Thinkwise, because this platform is extremely flexible and easily expandable. Furthermore, Thinkwise is very good at listening to the wishes of its community of ISVs and implementation partners."


ProSigma collaborated with Thinkwise to develop a new version of its shipping software, SmartShip, without extensive programming knowledge. Thinkwise Platform enabled ProSigma's consultants to design and implement solutions for their clients without the need for skilled programmers. Though familiarity with SQL was required to use the Thinkwise Platform effectively, ProSigma had significant experience with the language. This proficiency enabled them to enhance the product, develop it independently, and eliminate the reliance on external parties. According to Cees Hameete, "We preferred a low-code platform as our team primarily comprises consultants who can configure and implement the platform for our clients."

Three ProSigma employees followed a Thinkwise training to subsequently start developing the new SmartShip software. With the support of several Thinkwise experts ProSigma has already completed four successful new implementations and upgrades with the new software. Additionally, the company continues to enhance its products based on customer feedback, and it has already made the first set of improvements based on this input. Hameete: "I find the Thinkwise people extremely helpful. They are always available to help us and really want to work with us. This is often not the case with other software companies.


The new ProSigma SmartShip application looks very modern and gives customers many more possibilities to enter and change information about shipments in the system. Consider, for example, information about the transport of dangerous materials, delivery times, insurances and customs duties.

Hameete: “Our previous software solution was able to process this information from Exact, but thereafter it was no longer possible to change or correct everything, for example, due to input errors. This entire process can now be set up more flexibly and is fully adaptable at any time.

Existing customers have the possibility within their maintenance contract to upgrade to the new application if they see added value in the new interface and functionality.


Aside from SmartShip, ProSigma is also an expert in providing connectivity solutions, such as EDI implementations, frequently combined with Exact software. The company serves clients like the Havenbedrijf Amsterdam (Port of Amsterdam) and the Dutch Expert Group, which comprises 170 stores and 70 suppliers, and processes hundreds of thousands of transactions weekly using ProSigma's system.

Hameete anticipates implementing the new SmartShip application at clients who use ERP solutions other than Exact in the near future. "We are delighted with our decision to go with Thinkwise," Hameete declares. "As we continue to develop SmartShip, we also aim to leverage our Thinkwise expertise to construct other software solutions for our clients using the same platform."