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Partnership Thinkwise and Incentro came forth out of a shared ambition for growth

Our two companies have a similar culture. The moment something becomes a commodity, we do something else. That creates a certain atmosphere.” This is what Victor Klaren, Chief Visionary Officer at Thinkwise and Krein-Jan Hilbers, Managing Director Digital Transformation at Incentro state. This shared vision regarding entrepreneurship and innovation therefore forms the basis for the start of this collaboration. In this conversation they elaborated further on this.

The partnership that low-code software platform provider Thinkwise and digital service provider Incentro started comes forth out first and foremost out of a shared ambition for growth. “Thinkwise already exists for 19 years and initially we developed our platform and put it into practice ourselves at customers. But we noticed after sixteen years that this impeded our ability for growth and to for example become international. That is why we changed our strategy and decided to market the platform itself, as well as collaborating with partners. Now we are mainly focused on the further development of the platform and the partners execute the projects at clients”, Klaren explains.

The Next Big Thing

Incentro too is continuously moving. Hilbers: “We are also always focusing on the next step to make our growth ambitions into a reality. The moment one of our branches has sixty employees, it is being split into two separate branches with its own competences and propositions. Often there is a common starting phase to build up technical skills when we embrace a new proposition, but in the end every branch works autonomously. We were already busy with what had to be The Next Big Thing for us. The ambition was to, amongst others, do more with low-code and this is how we ended up at Thinkwise, as the Next Big Thing.

Thinkwise enables Incentro to help customers step away from constantly adjusting the (old) core systems and instead focus on their own unique company process. This is what makes this collaboration, according to Klaren, very strategic. “Incentro works for large organizations and accomplishes a complete digital transformation for their clients. Aside from that, the Thinkwise platform ensures that no legacy is being created ever again.” Working with this unique low-code platform, according to Hilbers, also creates a new exciting challenge for the employees. “The speed of development creates a whole different dynamic in the projects that are going on. That is something I personally find extremely interesting.

Multistage rocket

The first period of the collaboration will be signified by the sharing of knowledge as well as jointly starting the sales processes. Hilbers: “After a first bootcamp, an academy is being created to educate employees already working for us, but naturally we will also recruit and educate new employees specifically for this. It is our ambition to, by the end of next year, be an independent unit containing around sixty consultants.” Klaren adds to this: “In the first period we will work very closely together, but eventually the ambition of course is that Incentro is going to do many projects themselves and added to that, delivers input as to what is needed to further expand the Thinkwise-platform. It is a multistage rocket.” Hilbers confirms this: “I am looking forward to the moment we can share our first feedback with Thinkwise or can say ‘please develop this app or this feature.” Incentro is beyond ready to make a flying start with the one-of-a-kind low-code platform of Thinkwise.