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OVSoftware strengthens their partnership with Thinkwise through certification

In August, four employees of OVSoftware received the Thinkwise Associate Certificate. After completing the e-learning program and following the 3-day Software Factory training they have successfully passed the examinations. This means that these employees have the expertise to start working directly with the Thinkwise Platform to develop business software quickly and efficiently.

Knowledge is important

Thinkwise attaches great importance to this certification. This certification shows that companies are in good hands with OVSoftware and work with a reliable partner that has demonstrated their knowledge of the Thinkwise Platform. Thinkwise partners have access to all available training courses via the Thinkwise Learn environment. They can also ask and answer questions within the community and share their ideas on the forum. All documentation is available online for the Thinkwise partners.

Low-code knowledge group

To expand their internal knowledge base, OVSoftware needs to set up their low-code knowledge group. This group comprises 18 professionals. The group actively uses the e-learning opportunities and community provided by Thinkwise.

Strengthen each other

Jeroen Koers, Manager Operations at OVSoftware considers the Thinkwise certification to be of great importance: “This certification provides a firm foundation for our knowledge of the Thinkwise platform. This is not only good for achieving a successful project result, but also for transferring knowledge to the customer and other OVSoftware colleagues. As with our custom software, we also guarantee quality with our Thinkwise implementations. This certification perfectly ties in with this approach; demonstrable knowledge that can be transferred both, internally and externally. We are very excited about our partnership with Thinkwise and embarking on this new path. With this knowledge, we will be able to help our new customers even better and strengthen each other.”

Perfectly fitting business software

Lucas Harbers, Sales and Partner Manager at OVSoftware: “Thinkwise and OVSoftware are both located in Apeldoorn, we have short lines of communication and work together as one team. Our extensive experience in developing software in combination with the Thinkwise technology ensures sound, comprehensive business software. Together with our customers, our Thinkwise certified employees quickly develop flexible business software that perfectly satisfies the business requirements.”


Roy van Uffelen, knowledge group coordinator: “Thinkwise offers us sustainable quality and accessibility. During the training, I experienced the accessibility of the Thinkwise management, employees and the enthusiastic Thinkwise users.”


“OVSoftware takes their partnership with Thinkwise very seriously. After following the e-learning program via the Thinkwise Learn platform, supplemented with a 3-day Software Factory training, all participants successfully passed the Thinkwise Associates examinations. As a Thinkwise trainer, I am naturally very proud of this achievement. OVSoftware, good luck with your Thinkwise projects.” Gijs Timmers, Trainer Thinkwise Academy.

Knowledge is the basis for quality

Rogier van Konijnenburg, Partner Manager at Thinkwise: “The achieved certification is proof of a high level of knowledge and indicates that OVSoftware continues to invest in its employees! Just like Thinkwise, OVSoftware stands for quality and the best result”.