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New Universal GUI demonstrates the strength of the Thinkwise Low-Code Platform

Technological developments continue at an ever-increasing pace and disrupt traditional business models and market conditions. This has a major impact on business software, which demands increasing flexibility while the underlying technology continues to gradually become obsolete. The new Thinkwise Universal GUI proves that the Thinkwise Platform offers the solution for these problems.

The low-code market is growing strongly. Worldwide, there are currently over 250 providers of low-code and no-code platforms. Despite this large number of providers, the Thinkwise low-code platform is unique. It is the only low-code platform that is specially designed for the development of large-scale enterprise applications and the replacement of complex legacy software. Furthermore, due to the combination of model-driven development and the modular technological foundation, it is possible to replace components of the platform with the latest technology without this having any impact on existing applications. Thinkwise applications are not embedded in a specific technology, but in technology-independent models. This means that even our earliest customers can upgrade their Thinkwise applications to the latest technology without any problems, and in this way survive the most radical technological changes.

From today, the latest Thinkwise technology innovation is generally available: the Thinkwise Universal GUI.

One universal user experience

The existing Thinkwise user interfaces for Windows, Web and Mobile are used by thousands of users worldwide. They were developed with technologies that were very modern at the time, but they are now running up against limitations, for example, with regard to the user experience and performance. Application development is increasingly moving to web technology and cloud, with a great deal of attention for the look and feel and accessible via all platforms and devices.
The Thinkwise Universal GUI has been developed as a universal replacement for all existing Thinkwise user interfaces, to allow our customers to gain the maximum benefit from the latest technological developments. We have incorporated all our experience from the past 18 years into this brand new front-end. The Universal GUI has been redesigned from the ground up, in synergy with the Thinkwise Indicium service layer, and with a focus on performance, security and an optimal user experience.
The Universal GUI is a Progressive Web App, developed with React. This front-end technology offers a state-of-the-art and consistent user experience on all platforms and devices. It is particularly suitable for the dynamic applications of the Thinkwise Platform. Applications have a modern look and feel due to the Material Design standard that is followed, automatically adapt to the characteristics of the device used, such as the screen size and input method, and make optimal use of the device’s capabilities, such as the camera and location services.

Survive technology

The Universal GUI is an important step forward for the Thinkwise Platform. There is no better proof that customers who use our low-code platform can survive changes in technology. Who would have said that an application that was developed over fifteen years ago could be upgraded without any problems to work with the latest technologies?

The upgrade of an existing application to the Universal GUI is a seamless process. The Universal GUI is backward compatible with all supported versions of the Thinkwise Platform. The latest versions of the platform allow you to optimize and expand the model to gain the greatest benefit from the possibilities offered by the Universal GUI. The Universal GUI can be implemented alongside the existing user interfaces, and we will of course continue to support these user interfaces to give our customers sufficient time to switch over.

In the meantime, we are working hard to increase the possibilities offered by the new user interface, as well as the migration of the development environment of the Thinkwise Platform itself, the Software Factory, to the Universal GUI. However, for now we recommend everybody to start using the Universal GUI as soon as possible!