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New release of the Thinkwise Platform focused on security, cloud and Uniface modernization

The Thinkwise Platform is under continuous development to support organizations as best as possible in creating the most efficient en reliable business software. The new version, 2021.1, was released last week and offers several significant improvements. Here is a brief summary of the main innovations.

The focus of the previous version of the Thinkwise Platform was on Automated Machine Learning, which allows users without a data-science background to easily expand their applications with machine learning algorithms. This functionality has been further improved in this new update. In addition, a number of security optimizations have also been implemented. Subsequent external pen tests showed that no vulnerability could be found. Furthermore, there is supplementary documentation for cloud deployment, a new quality dashboard is available and the Thinkwise Upcycler now provides extensive support with regard to the modernization of Uniface applications.

Thinkwise in the cloud

An increasing number of Thinkwise users are deploying the platform to provide their business applications from a cloud environment. This is now more convenient than ever, especially with the Universal GUI providing integrated support for all types of devices and screen formats. In practice, no cloud implementation is the same, which means we are often faced with very specific challenges. That is why we have made significant improvements to the cloud deployment documentation, based on feedback from customers, partners and the Thinkwise Community. This makes it a lot more accessible to achieve the best performance from the Thinkwise platform in the cloud.

Security-by-Design and pen testing

As an enterprise low-code platform, security and Security-by-Design have been the driving principles at Thinkwise from the start. The security and integrity of business data must always be fully protected. To validate the security of Thinkwise, the platform is tested once a year for security leaks by independent ethical hackers. This new version contains a number of improvements that resolve several “low severity” findings discovered through pen testing, so that the Thinkwise Platform now scores 100%.

Uniface Upcycler

The Thinkwise Upcycler is growing rapidly in popularity, especially among organizations that urgently need to modernize their legacy applications. This tool makes it possible to upcycle the data model and the metadata of existing software in the Thinkwise Platform. With the Thinkwise Upcycler, outdated software in countless legacy technologies can be quickly transformed into a modern low-code progressive web application, which never becomes outdated again. In recent months, more and more Uniface users have turned to Thinkwise to ask whether they can upcycle their software with our platform. To better satisfy this demand, the Thinkwise Upcycler has been expanded with improved support for Uniface, based on the experience of some former Uniface developers.

AutoML and quality dashboard

Following the introduction of AutoML in the previous Thinkwise release, this user-friendly machine learning functionality has been further expanded and improved. For instance, we have made several performance improvements, which allow machine learning algorithms to be trained more rapidly. Also, caching has been added for preprocessing, which means that this no longer needs to be done for each algorithm and the parameters for missing values and variable selection have been optimized. Furthermore, we have added new algorithms for classification and regression and the automatic feature engineering has been extended to include date and time fields.

And then there is the quality dashboard. This dashboard provides developers and project managers with an overall picture of the quality of a project at a glance. Such as the quality of the low-code model or the optimal use of coded business logic, but it also gives the results of unit and process tests and indicates the correct use of the various security-related settings and roles.

Finally, Thinkwise now offers support for Amazon S3, Azure Active Directory and OpenID authentication and we have made numerous tweaks to improve the performance and user-friendliness of the platform.

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