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IT Selector interview with Thinkwise

Thinkwise is a software vendor in Apeldoorn. Each day more than 100 employees devote themselves to realizing business software for their customers in a very unique way. They call it the " ERP software of the future" and they have been doing this for over 15 years now with their state-of-the-art low-code platform

What solutions does Thinkwise offer?

We provide innovative and rapid realization of perfect-fit business software for each organization and take care of the integration with existing peripheral applications and equipment, such as scanners for example. In addition we provide customer oriented training and education for the end users so that they can make optimal use of their new business software. Companies can also opt to realize their own business software with the Thinkwise Suite. The software is device independent and always directly available for Windows, web and mobile applications. Functional modifications can be implemented easily and quickly. In today's rapidly changing market it is important to be able to respond quickly to developments with easily adaptable business software.

What do you consider unique about Thinkwise and Thinkwise solutions?

Thinkwise is for companies that want to make a difference with software or for those with a strategic approach to business software. The solutions that we provide to customers have the feel of tailor-made software, but without the drawbacks. It remains manageable and has extremely high quality. The software has an infinite lifespan without technological or functional obsolescence.

We often hear that our concept is too good to be true. To convince our potential customers, we are able to modernize the current software of our prospects during the acquisition phase, within 10 days. With this Thinkwise Test Drive we take the initial step, free of charge and without obligation, into a strategic partnership with the prospect and demonstrate the Thinkwise concepts without any risk for the prospect.

Is Thinkwise more than just software? 

It certainly is! In addition to our solutions, Thinkwise has a platform for customers, partners and employees. Clients can use the Community Portal 24/7 to consult the knowledge base, download documentation, report issues, view project progress and register for courses, among other things. They can also download the latest version of our products here.

In addition, customers can choose to include Thinkwise Service & Care. This personalised Service & Care arrangement is suitable for customers who have purchased and are already working with a turnkey application. With this service we unburden the customer by offering a 100% guarantee, extra security and comfort.

What are developments that you think should be taken into account?

Artificial Intelligence (AI). Think of self-driving cars or, for example, Siri on the smartphone. These are examples where AI already plays a role and helps in terms of convenience and user experience. In the future, AI will play an increasingly important role in society. Intelligent software is going to gradually take over more and more tasks from us. For example, Thinkwise has a self-learning user interface. Based on a person's usage, possible customizations are indicated to the user to improve the way they work. This allows that person to optimize their workflow.

Software will become much more important in the coming years and will integrate more and more with the environment. The digital world will be integrated into our physical world as, just like the thermostat in our home. You can control this effortlessly with an app on your phone. Companies that have this under control will survive. IT will become more and more business IT.