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Independent research company cites Thinkwise's unique focus on modernizing core business apps

Apeldoorn, 13 March 2019 – This year for the first time, Thinkwise is one of the thirteen major suppliers of low-code platforms that have been evaluated in the Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms For AD&D Professionals, Q1 2019. The Dutch company is ranked in the report as a Contender, and is cited as “solid for transactional core business applications with web user experiences.”

Forrester has been publishing reports focusing on Low-Code Development Platforms For AD&D Professionals, for many years.  From the new Q1 2019 report it appears that 23 percent of developers worldwide worked with low-code platforms in 2018.

Another 22 percent said they intended to start working with low-code within a year. In our view, this significant increase indicates that the future for low-code development platforms looks very bright. One of the reasons for this is that companies want to deliver software faster, for instance, to improve their internal processes or the services to their customers. And at the same time we find that the current suppliers of low-code platforms are removing many of the old restrictions that used to prevent the adoption of low-code.

The Forrester research evaluates the most significant thirteen suppliers of  low-code development platforms for Application Delivery & Development (AD&D) professionals, on the basis of twenty-eight criteria. Thinkwise was included in this research for the first time this year and was ranked by Forrester as a Contender. Forrester further describes the company as follows:

“Thinkwise’s sole focus: Use low-code platforms to modernize applications that manage finance, inventory, production, and other ‘core’ business systems. Reference customers confirm the platform’s value for these use cases.”

Forrester also notes that “Thinkwise is solid for transactional core business applications with web user experiences.” Compared to the Leaders in this study, Thinkwise believes that its partner network still needs to grow. Furthermore, the organization is in the middle of transforming itself from a service company to a product-oriented organization.

Robert van der Linden, CEO at Thinkwise, fully endorses Forrester’s conclusions: “We are extremely proud that Forrester has selected us to take part in this report. In my view, this confirms the strength of our low-code platform in modernizing core business applications and our strategy to transform from a project-driven organization to a pure low-code platform supplier”

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