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HEM Suriname N.V. is ready for the future by opting for the Thinkwise low-code platform

Apeldoorn, 7 October 2021 - HEM Suriname N.V.has embarked on a collaboration with Thinkwise. The family business sets a new course by professionalizing its IT structure and business operations. To achieve its progressive and innovative ambitions, HEM has selected the Thinkwise low-code software platform.

HEM Suriname N.V., a family business founded in 1898, is one of the largest importers and distributors of consumer products in Suriname. The company represents several prominent brands, including Nestlé, Johnson & Johnson, Zwanenberg and Edgewell. Since the hand-over to the fourth generation of the family in 2005, the organization has undergone a successful process of modernization. The opening of a brand-new distribution center (9000m2) on Hendriksstraat in Paramaribo, Suriname is a prime example of this. With 100+ very competent employees, a large number of quality products and continuous innovation in sales and distribution, HEM Suriname N.V. has developed into an indispensable company for both the retailers and the consumer. However, an important missing component in the modernization process was the replacement of the legacy IT environment.


Difficult selection process 

HEM Suriname's search to identify the right partner to enable the transition from the outdated AS400 environment to a new IT platform, took several years. Various software vendors were considered. They all claimed to be able to meet the company's requirements, but all proved unable to fulfill these claims. Following a failed software implementation, HEM Suriname decided that a new course was required. They moved on from trying COTS solutions by opting for low-code software development with Thinkwise.

"Our legacy IT environment involved performing many manual tasks outside of the system, which was very error prone and labor intensive. Things had to change,” says Irene Spangenthal, managing director and co-owner of HEM Suriname. 

Whereas the previous software implementation was not able to deliver, Thinkwise is expected to provide the solution.: “We have great confidence in the new cooperation with Thinkwise. With this platform we can rapidly develop software that perfectly fits our processes. And that is going to save us a lot of time and manpower.” 

Regain control 

HEM Suriname wants to maintain control of the software development and determine priorities itself without having to make any concessions. 


Spangenthal: “The freedom provided by a low-code platform greatly appealed to us, but at the same time we also saw it as an obstacle since we are obviously not an IT company. Developing business software for yourself, is that really the right thing to do? That is why we started the collaboration with a Proof of Value project, in which our development team explored the possibilities of the Thinkwise Platform themselves. The learning curve was so fast and short that after only a couple of weeks we already decided to continue the project.”


Bold choice 

The most important arguments for HEM Suriname to opt for Thinkwise were increasing the efficiency of the business operations and the many possibilities offered by the Thinkwise platform.

Irene Spangenthal: “For a non-IT company from Suriname, a low-code platform such as Thinkwise is a very bold choice. As a company, we want to be progressive and innovative and if successful we will take an enormous step in the right direction.

Thinkwise is also full of praise for the choice made by HEM Suriname: “We are proud that HEM Suriname, a company that has been in business for more than a hundred years, has opted for our platform,” says Rimko Meijer, account executive at Thinkwise. “It provides them with a future-proof technology so that it is ready for the next hundred years.”