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FunctieWijzer introduces innovative HR software based on the Thinkwise low-code platform

Apeldoorn, 11 April 2019 – FunctieWijzer, a start-up in HR software, has opted for the Thinkwise low-code platform to develop an innovative cloud-based HR solution. The FunctieWijzer solution enables (SME) organizations to assign job weightings, establish the salary structure and assess their employees at minimal costs and in a transparent and simple manner. This is done quickly and easily within a user-friendly web environment.

For many organizations establishing a salary structure, weighting jobs and determining a remuneration structure is a major challenge. Obtaining advice on this is a costly affair, and many companies would rather spend their money on other things. However, the challenge still remains, because employers, unions and employee representative bodies strive for transparency and objectivity. The founders of FunctieWijzer, Guido Hupjé and Patrick Groenendal with 50 years of HR experience between them, therefore decided to develop an accessible and affordable solution to help organizations with this.

Patrick Groenendal and Guido Hupjé, the founders of FunctieWijzer: “The FunctieWijzer solution provides our customers with access to innovative, simple and user-friendly HR tools at a very affordable price. Our customers remain in control while benefiting from our sound HR expertise. Thinkwise helped us to bring our solutions to market, quickly and efficiently.

Time for change

Existing HR solutions for the weighting of functions and the assessment and payment of employees are often too expensive and a kind of black box. They frequently provide little or no insight into the way in which they arrive at certain results, the outcomes are therefore often experienced within organizations as being nontransparent and demotivating. The FunctieWijzer team developed the concept for its unique tools and smart algorithms in Microsoft Excel, which formed the basis for their innovative and transparent solution.

Using the Thinkwise Platform, this basis was converted within a month to a modern web application running in the cloud and the various services provided by FunctieWijzer were made available online for their customers. The resulting prototype offered FunctieWijzer the opportunity to collect feedback from the market and use this to further develop and improve its services. Due to the flexibility and speed provided by the Thinkwise platform, modifications and new functions could be quickly and easily implemented in the cloud-based application. 

By choosing the Thinkwise Platform, FunctieWijzer now has a flexible environment enabling it to market its services as a cloud solution. The extensive options for roles and rights management that are available in the platform ensure the correct level of security when HR professionals are working with personal data. In addition, Thinkwise provides the guarantee that the application will always remain technologically up-to-date, so that there will be no problems when there are updates to the current major browsers. This means that FunctieWijzer will have no worries whatsoever with regard to the technological obsolescence of its applications.

Robert van der Linden,  CEO of Thinkwise: “We are proud that FunctieWijzer has opted for Thinkwise to bring its innovative HR software to the market. With Thinkwise’s low-code platform, the future of business software lies in FunctieWijzer’s hands.”