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Eurol selects Thinkwise Platform for automating its business processes

Apeldoorn, 1 July 2021 –  Eurol, The largest Dutch independent producer of lubricants and oil, has chosen the Thinkwise Platform to develop its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and automate the Blending Process. Using the Thinkwise low-code platform, the Eurol development team succeeded in delivering a first version of the software within one month.

The current application landscape was no longer able to support the fast growth at Eurol. Over time, the LIMS had been expanded upon with such things as Excel forms and custom applications. This led to a lot of duplicate data entry, and information for management reporting was only available at the end of the process. This resulted in having largely reactive operational processes, which drove the need to optimize the enterprise software and business processes.


By opting for Thinkwise, Eurol is now aiming to develop more efficient processes. Whereas previously all measurement results were checked manually, the goal is to only monitor the exceptions and to act upon them immediately. The first processes to be developed with Thinkwise, are the LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and the Blending Process. All data and measurements will be recorded directly in one application. This considerably accelerates the process and ensures error-free processing of the data. Employees act proactively whenever a batch falls outside the standard values. This results in a more efficient handling of the process and a staff saving of 1 FTE.

First version within one month

The cooperation with Thinkwise started with a Proof-of-Value project for the LIMS process. Martijn Pfeiffer, Director at Eurol: “Our IT development team, with some guidance by Thinkwise, built the first version of our new LIMS application within one month. That is an impressively fast achievement.

Jouke Roessink, IT Manager at Eurol, is also very enthusiastic about the fast start of the first Thinkwise project: “Our development team has very quickly familiarized themselves with the Thinkwise Platform through e-learning and training sessions. Key-users with an affinity for IT can now also specify requirements and make modifications to the application model.


Eurol made a conscious choice to develop the software themselves using a low-code platform, instead of purchasing a standard LIMS application. Primarily because this enables their solution to seamlessly integrate with the unique business process of Eurol, but also because the Thinkwise Platform offers opportunities to integrate and optimize more business processes in the future.

Bart van ’t Klooster, Senior Account Executive at Thinkwise: “In addition to the functional fit of the platform, Eurol and Thinkwise also fit well together in terms of their company culture. Eurol’s vision combined with our pragmatic approach during the Proof of Value has produced a solid foundation for successful cooperation!