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EsperantoXL is a new partner of low-code platform vendor Thinkwise

Apeldoorn, 21 april 2020 – EsperantoXL has joined the fast-growing partner network of the low-code platform vendor Thinkwise. Since 2002, EsperantoXL has been delivering business-critical process optimization software solutions to large organizations and started to specialize in Rapid Application Development based on no-code and low-code platforms in 2015. The Thinkwise Platform enables EsperantoXL to also provide customers that use large business critical software systems with a low-code solution.

Founded in 2002, EsperantoXL focuses on developing smart software solutions that enable organizations to optimize their processes. In 2015, after years of traditional software development, it was decided that it was time for a new direction.

The company made the strategic choice for no-code and low-code software development. “The switch to no-code development was a major step forward for our company,” says Bram Berkelaar, Managing Director of EsperantoXL. “Even so, these solutions were sometimes inadequate for the development of large software solutions to support the primary business process of our larger customers. The Thinkwise low-code platform turned out to be the missing link in our proposition.”

Unique business processes

Various EsperantoXL customers still use outdated enterprise IT systems. For these customers, the company develops software solutions that serve as an interface to unlock modern technology capabilities, such as speech technology and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). With the Thinkwise Platform it is now possible to gradually replace these outdated enterprise IT systems.

“Traditional software suites provide at most 80 percent efficiency,” Bram explains. “They are unable to support the 20 percent that actually makes your business processes so unique.  The Thinkwise Platform makes this possible. It allows you to develop enterprise software much faster and fully adapt it to how you want to differentiate yourself as an organization in the market. This is tremendously powerful. I expect that many of our customers will be extremely happy when they see the possibilities within their own organization.”

According to Bram, by using the Thinkwise Platform to develop enterprise software, companies are no longer forced into the straitjacket imposed by standard software solutions, with which they cannot differentiate themselves from their competitors. He continues, “With Thinkwise, all aspects of the processes with which you want to distinguish yourself as an organization are preserved, and you retain the flexibility to improve the software. Consider, for instance, making the services to your customers more personalized and having better control over processes or costs. A low-code platform allows you to focus less on technology, and far more on process and functionality.”

Platform vendor

Bram Berkelaar: “We have already noticed a lot of interest from customers and Thinkwise itself also generates many business opportunities for its partners. We were missing something in our no-code/low-code portfolio in the area of enterprise low-code. We have now found a serious strategic partner in Thinkwise, enabling us to fill that gap.” Despite the fact that EsperantoXL’s partnership with Thinkwise is still in its early days, the company has already started on its first projects.

Rogier van Konijnenburg of Thinkwise believes that the addition of EsperantoXL to the partner network is proof of Thinkwise’s successful transition to becoming a technology partner: “We have complete confidence in entrusting projects to professional partners such as EsperantoXL. Their market knowledge and expertise is a great asset, and we can focus on the further development of our platform and supporting our partners.”

About EsperantoXL

EsperantoXL was founded in 2002 and specializes in the development of customized software solutions for businesses. Several years ago we made the switch from traditional software development to Rapid Application Development based on low-code and no-code platforms. Almost 20 years experience in producing quality software solutions makes EsperantoXL the perfect partner for organizations that want to accelerate their digital transformation. Our business consultants are able to quickly analyze company-specific processes and optimize them with software solutions that go live in no time at all. We always work on the principle that we offer organizations the flexibility to adapt to and capitalize on challenges in the market. This is exactly in line with the possibilities that are inherent in low-code and no-code platforms. The partnership with Thinkwise was entered into in 2019 and enables further expansion of our services for enterprise low-code projects. For more information go to: