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Dinz modernizes its care portal with Thinkwise's software platform

Apeldoorn, 7 March 2019 – Dinz, an ICT service provider for the health care sector, has improved its care portal together with Thinkwise, supplier of the low-code software development platform for business software. This allows Dinz to respond to the many changes in the care sector and improve the services to its customers.

Dinz supplies software to independent health care professionals, health care cooperatives and health care providers focused on the automation of their planning and administration activities.

The company opted for the Thinkwise platform to modernize and expand its web portal for customers, in order to keep abreast of the latest developments in the care sector.

All information and care procedures are registered in the Dinz Web portal. The portal takes care of the entire administrative burden for health care providers and self-employed health care professionals, so that they can dedicate themselves to the purpose of their profession: providing care. Martin Bomhof, managing director and founder of Dinz: “We provide a cloud solution that supports important central functions for care providers. These may be self-employed professionals, but also care providers who employ several employees. With our solution we automate the planning and administration of the entire care process, from the moment of referral until the care is stopped and the costs are charged.”

Dinz Web App

The Dinz Web App can be used by both clients and care workers and facilitates communication and coordination. The user-friendliness of this app increases the job satisfaction of the care workers. Dinz has been developed for and by (care) professionals. Martin: “The main philosophy behind Dinz is: focus on the individual client. The Thinkwise application is suitable for tablets, PCs and Macs, and provides a fully integrated web portal that exactly meets the requirements of care providers and self-employed professionals.”

Changes in the care sector require flexibility

Dinz must continuously respond to changes in the provision of care, as Martin explains: “I strongly believe in Thinkwise’s low-code model-driven approach. It allows you to develop flexibly and rapidly and the software is built in small manageable modules. So you don’t have to wait long for the implementation of new features.”
By using Thinkwise, the Dinz software will never become outdated, neither functionally nor technically. Thinkwise takes care of the technological developments and Dinz, together with Thinkwise, focuses on the functional modifications. Martin: “Together with the Thinkwise developers we examine possible modifications, so that we are well prepared for future situations and, for example, we can always scale up should that become necessary.”  Martin mentions another example: “The development of the Personal Health Record (PHR) is currently receiving a lot of attention in the care sector. Information from various systems, such as hospitals, homecare services, psychiatrists etc. are collected in the client’s own PHR. The roll out of this system will still take a few more years, but we have already taken this into account in the development of our software.” 

The strength of the Dinz Web is mainly due to the Thinkwise development environment, Martin concludes: “This allows us to add flexible new features or processes, which provide added value for our customers.”

The complete customer case of Dinz can be found here.