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Cito makes a strategic choice for future-proof software with Thinkwise

Apeldoorn, 17 December – The Central Institute for Test Development (Cito) has decided to opt for the Thinkwise Platform to develop a future-proof software platform that allows their applications to adapt quickly and easily to developments in the field of education.

With its low-code software, Thinkwise offers Cito a structural solution because the Thinkwise Platform is technology-independent and applications can be modified rapidly and effortlessly. This allows the software to seamlessly keep pace with new technological developments.

Extensive analysis

To ensure that Thinkwise would optimally meet their requirements in terms of technology and functionality, Cito had a number of technical concepts extensively tested. The Proof of Value indicated the extent to which the organizations understood each other and the value offered by the Thinkwise Platform. With a Proof of Concept, Thinkwise also demonstrated the technological possibilities provided by the platform and that the concept works.

Pieta Rozema, IV/IT Manager at Cito says: “Our cooperation with Thinkwise during this process has been a very positive experience. There is balance in the relationship and we have the same drive to make it a success. Cito is well-prepared for the future with the Thinkwise Platform“


During the assessment process, Cito actively contributed to discussions about expansion of the Thinkwise Platform. For example, Thinkwise made a few modifications in areas such as identity access management and the user interface. These will now become an integral part of the platform, so that all our other customers will also be able to benefit from this. Having both parties support each other in this way, created a mutual sense of trust.

“We are proud that Cito has chosen the Thinkwise Platform for the modernization of their applications” says Robert van der Linden, Thinkwise CEO. “We greatly value Cito as a new partner and we are pleased to support them in achieving their goals. We look forward to a successful cooperation.”

About Cito

The Central Institute for Test Development (Cito) is the leading Dutch knowledge organization in educational testing, assessment and monitoring. Cito is located in Arnhem and employs close to 500 people. For more information visit: