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Children in Apeldoorn happy with school supplies voucher

The Armoedefonds Foundation gives children growing up in poverty a good start at secondary school with the school supplies voucher. With a school supplies voucher, children can buy school supplies such as an organizer, calculator and a backpack. The Thinkwise Foundation has donated school supply vouchers to 25 children in Apeldoorn.


School supplies campaign

The summer holiday is usually the time to buy school supplies for the new school year. For many families living in long-term poverty, this is difficult to afford. Children from these families start secondary school at a disadvantage. This has major consequences for their development, feeling of self-worth and their future. The school supplies campaign of the Armoedefonds helps these children. They will receive a school supplies pass worth 50 euros before the summer break. The school supplies voucher can be used at national chain stores.

The school supplies voucher really helps and gives these children a great start at their new school,” said Irene Verspeek of the Armoedefonds.

About the Armoedefonds Foundation

The mission of the Armoedefonds Foundation is to fight and alleviate (the consequences of) poverty, by supporting local organizations that are involved in combating poverty in the Netherlands, both financially and in kind.


Picture: Irene Verspeek and Kim Kreté of the Armoedefonds Foundation receive the cheque.