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AI-powered model enrichments in release 2024.1 of the Thinkwise Platform

Apeldoorn, 8 February 2024 –Thinkwise has announced the release of Thinkwise Platform 2024.1. 
In this release we introduce model enrichments, enabling the automation of manual development steps. Enrichments automatically enhance the model, possibly through the use of AI, and in so doing improve the application. For example, an enrichment can automatically generate a data model based on a description, create a graphical planning on the basis of time-based data, or produce a map component based on geographic information in your application.

Thinkwise makes use of Generative AI to phase out manual actions during the development process, which minimizes the chance of errors. This significantly simplifies the development effort. The Software Factory, in which the software is built, is delivered with a number of ready-made model enrichments. There are already more than twenty enrichments available for the user interface, unit tests, the transition to the Universal GUI and the Upcycler. More enrichments will be added. It is also possible to add your own model enrichments.


We continually develop innovative technologies, based on the vision that the platform never becomes outdated. This saves customers from concerning themselves about the technology and allows them to focus on functionality.


Models, data and AI


Model enrichments enhance the model by searching for specific structures or situations in the model and subsequently proposing potential modifications (additions or changes) to the model. Model enrichments can be based on models, data, or be driven by AI. A combination of these is also possible.


An enrichment, based on data, searches the database for the required information. Examples of these kinds of enrichments are the generation of missing indexes and producing test data on the basis of table contents.

An AI-driven enrichment will generate information by using the configured generative AI provider in the Software Factory, for example Open AI. An example of this is generating a data model from a textual description.

AI driven functionality enhances the development process

“The new AI-driven model enrichments demonstrate that Generative AI (GAI) and model-driven development fully complement each other, enabling the even smarter and faster development of high-quality business applications. This is the future of application development”, says Jasper Kloost, Thinkwise CTO.

Other innovations to the built-in version management are branch protection and reciprocal merging. Improvements are also continually being made by the R&D department in the development of the Universal GUI. It offers the latest innovations in the area of UI/UX. Functions have been added to support screen configuration preferences and users can now select another screen type and restructure or hide detail panes.

A full summary of the new functionality and improvements in release 2024.1 can be found at the Thinkwise Community.