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Agrico develops and optimizes its supply chain using Thinkwise

Agrico has deployed the Thinkwise low-code software development platform to build and expand its customer-grower portal.

This enables the company to lay a sound foundation for innovation and future growth. Agrico is the market leader in the development, production and marketing of seed potatoes.

Interactive growers’ portal

The new intuitive and interactive growers’ portal provides the more than 900 Agrico Dutch growers with an insight into their administrative data. Ease of use was the main priority during the development of this new portal. Single sign-on simplifies gaining access to the portal and a one-time login is all that is necessary to access all Agrico portals. The grower can then view all his information and easily and quickly order packaging. With just a few mouse clicks the grower has a real-time insight into the contracts, stock positions, invoices and the open shipping and sorting assignments. In addition, the grower can compare his own performance with the other Agrico customers. The portal is fully integrated with the existing back-office system.

Simplify change management

In the previous portal the change management process took far too long. With the use of a traditional development tool the software code was insufficiently structured. Moreover, a great deal of knowledge was required to understand the software. It was difficult to quickly apply and implement change requests. Furthermore the impact of a change request was usually quite high. Agrico has simplified and accelerated its change management process by using the Thinkwise platform. They are now able to quickly respond to questions from growers and react to new business opportunities.

The leading company in the potato sector

With Thinkwise, Agrico has achieved a fully digital, interactive exchange of information between the grower and Agrico. This can now take place at any time and on any device. The software can be easily modified and is always technologically up-to-date and this ensures that Agrico continues to lead the way in the potato sector.

A reliable partner

Thinkwise is a reliable partner that is forthright and is always ready to provide assistance when required”, according to Christiaan Simonse, ICT director at Agrico.

About Agrico

Agrico is the market leader and a global player in the market-oriented development of potato varieties and the (contracting out of the) production and marketing of high-quality seed and table potatoes, grown both organically and conventionally. The head office is located in Emmeloord. Agrico potatoes are delivered to customers in more than 75 countries.