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Advanced Programs is a new partner of Thinkwise

Apeldoorn, 5 November 2019 – Thinkwise, the low-code software vendor, expands its partner network with Advanced Programs, a full-service ICT service provider. Both parties consider it their mission to provide a complete solution for organizations to modernize their legacy-systems. The Thinkwise low-code platform perfectly complements the expertise of Advanced Programs.

For many organizations, outdated IT environments are an inhibiting factor to their growth and innovation. Since its establishment in 1992, Advanced Programs has been committed to helping companies from all sectors to achieve their technical and business objectives. The company does this by maintaining, managing and modernizing their systems and applications.

Albert Roosenbrand, Business Unit Manager and co-owner of Advanced Programs: “With the addition of the Thinkwise Platform to our services, we can provide a complete solution to our customers who want to modernize their existing legacy environment, and we will also be able to use Thinkwise for new software projects. We also recognize that Thinkwise is a partner who, like ourselves, is committed to high service- and quality guarantees.”

Albert Roosenbrand: “Together with Thinkwise we will help organizations by modernizing their business-critical legacy systems and subsequently support them in realizing and implementing their software solution. Our specialists have the technical knowledge and skills required for this. Moreover, we understand the complexity of business-critical IT environments and recognize and understand the associated risk factors. We therefore tailor our way of working to fit the customer’s situation, which means that our customers are assured of a smooth implementation and a high availability of their environment.”

 Robert van der Linden, CEO of Thinkwise: “We are proud of our cooperation with Advanced Programs. As a result of this strategic choice, their customers are now also able to benefit from the enterprise low-code platform of Thinkwise. We believe that their specialization in business-critical IT environments and the Thinkwise Platform are the perfect combination to provide modern organizations with a future-proof application landscape.”