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Acto develops next-generation ERP software with the thinkwise low-code platform

Acto, software supplier for the installation and construction industry, uses the low-code platform from Thinkwise for the development of the ERP software of the future. The company opted for this new development strategy to create a model-driven and future-proof foundation for flexible and easily modifiable ERP software. 

Acto develops and delivers a comprehensive package of ERP software for project and service management in the construction industry. According to Willem Verhoef, co-owner and director of the company, the rapidly changing market and increasing digitalization were important reasons for deciding to work with Thinkwise.

“I expect ERP systems to change as much over the next five years as they have done during the past twenty years. “ERP systems need to integrate more easily with other systems, handle data from sensor technology, provide support for predictive maintenance and they must also be user-friendly. This calls for a new development environment. We have therefore entered into a partnership with Thinkwise to develop a next-generation ERP platform with highly functional flexibility, ease of use and possibilities for personalization. Thinkwise provides us with the means to develop the best possible ERP software.”

Model-driven development

With its low-code development platform, Thinkwise develops business software for customers, but also increasingly supplies the platform to partners such as Acto. According to Robert van der Linden, co-founder and CEO of Thinkwise, an increasing number of software suppliers are making the transition to low-code development. “The recurring problem that software suppliers encounter is that over the years their product becomes technologically outdated and less easily adaptable,” says Van der Linden. “This means that the software has to be developed again. This problem can be overcome with low-code development. You disconnect the technology from the functionality and then only focus on the development of functional models and interfaces. This is a much more sustainable and flexible development model. We are very proud that Acto has chosen Thinkwise for its next-generation ERP platform.”

Strategic choice

Through the cooperation with Thinkwise, Acto now has a development environment that allows the company to develop three to five times faster and at lower cost than with traditional methods. Due to the low-code and model-driven approach, the resulting software is also more flexible and easier to modify. “There are a lot of low-code development tools available,” says Willem Verhoef. “The drawback is that these are usually only suitable for front end applications, such as apps. Thinkwise distinguishes itself by also supporting the back-end with a fully managed development environment for client, web and mobile. Together with us, Thinkwise also invests in new products and in testing new technology, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence. We can now develop many times faster and at significantly lower cost than before. This gives both Acto and our customers a competitive advantage.”