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Aartsen chooses Thinkwise for a completely new core application

We are thrilled to announce that Aartsen has boldly chosen Thinkwise to construct its groundbreaking new core application. Aartsen is the driving force behind delivering an extensive and audacious selection of fresh fruits and vegetables from across the globe to their esteemed customers every single day.

Defying limitations and Aartsen's search for a future-proof ERP solution

To support this extraordinary operation, Aartsen had been grappling with a customized AS/400 ERP system that was desperately out of touch and screaming for a replacement. The project team at Aartsen delved into various run-of-the-mill ERP packages, only to find that none of them could cater to their distinct and daring requirements. Moreover, these packages were burdened with countless redundant features that were unnecessary, forcing them to waste an exorbitant amount of time and money to build the indispensable functionality from scratch.

Eliminating the burden of manual paperwork

Aartsen made the decision to construct an entirely new, ERP system that would stand the test of time with Thinkwise as their partner. This project, named "Fresh," revolutionizes communication with suppliers, abolishes the chance of human error and vastly enhances efficiency. The project also had the remarkable effect of banishing all paperwork associated with the process

A collaborative triumph: ensure scalability and adaptability

Aartsen fearlessly digitized its financial administration with an Exact implementation, seamlessly integrating it with the groundbreaking Fresh project, consolidating everything under one roof. We take immense pride in collaborating with Aartsen to create a system that not only meets their present needs but also ensures the boundless potential for scalability and adaptability in the future. You can delve into the complete journey in the inspiring Customer Success story.

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