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A bird's-eye view of the Thinkwise Platform

“Enterprise low code software development; how does that actually work?” For this frequently asked question, we like to refer to the Thinkwise Platform Experience, which is specifically set up to answer this question. In a single day you will be guided through a complete development project and there will be an opportunity to discuss with other participants and experts. Is this a bit too in-depth yet? In this blog we will give you a bird’s-eye view of the platform.

Modern organisations with their own vision, unique business processes or services rarely settle for a standard software solution. They do not want to conform to fixed standards or procedures and they want to retain full freedom to be able to fully control their applications and unique processes.

For companies who recognize themselves as such but also find the development of custom software too time-consuming and expensive, the Thinkwise Platform offers an alternative. A model-driven enterprise low-code platform that is capable of rapidly developing both new large-scale applications and modernising existing (legacy) software.

Application architecture
Thinkwise applications consist of a database, business logic and user interfaces for Windows, Web, IoS and Android. A proprietary integration tier (Indicium), enables the creation of all possible connections and data interfaces with other applications. The Indicium service tier provides a centralized solution for all integration with other applications, and acts as a central hub for business logic, workflows, security, reporting and analytics.

With the Thinkwise Platform, applications are created using visual models, rather than millions of lines of code. These models are easily customizable and recognize their interdependencies.  The user interfaces, database and services automatically adapt to changes in the model. This makes it easy to keep the applications for end users up to date, both technologically and functionally.

Development productivity with the Thinkwise Platform was measured by QSM and averages only half an hour per function point. Compared to traditional development tools, this is significantly higher than the market average of 8 to 10 hours per function point.

The Thinkwise Platform consists of the following six components:

1. Software Factory
The development studio in which you design all visual models and processes. This enables you to create the digital blueprint that the platform uses to realize your application.

2. Intelligent Application Manager
The environment for managing the deployment of your Thinkwise applications, authorization of users and analysis of their usage.

3. Graphical User Interfaces
These GUIs can be plugged into the developed models and automatically bring the application to life for the end user on all his devices, such as desktop, tablet and mobile.

4. Indicium Application Tier
The Indicium service tier provides you with a centralized solution for all integration with other applications, and acts as a hub for your business logic, workflows, security, reporting and analytics.

5. Upcycler
The Upcycler allows you to convert existing legacy applications to the Thinkwise platform. With this you will be able to quickly create a solid foundation and ensure a jumpstart in your project.

6. Learn & Support
Explore the possibilities of the Thinkwise Platform by E-Learning, a course by our Academy or read the extensive documentation. In addition, our specialists are on hand for technical support and the Community is always there for you.

Thinkwise Community
If you are excited about the possibilities of the Thinkwise Platform and want to know more, please visit the Platform Overview. Under Learn & Support you will find all the documentation about the platform, as well as various online training courses. Do you have specific questions? Then head to the fast-growing Thinkwise Community to share your thoughts with other users.