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Thinkwise Self-Support and Service & Care

Thinkwise offers a broad range of free self-service and support options so you can have the best experience with our Platform. All information is tailored to our development partners and allows you to maximize self-control on your business application development.

Our Self-Service and Support options include:

An extensive e-learning program to help you boost modelling skills of your team, meant to get acquainted with our Platform

Up-to-date documentation, installation guides and lifecycle information of current and past versions of our platform

Feel free to brainstorm and discuss with fellow developers and Thinkwise specialists.
We value your opinion and encourage you to share your ideas on how to improve our platform. Within the community you can post your ideas for our platform. Through voting we prioritize ideas for future development of our platform.

Support ticket
If you encounter a problem in the Thinkwise Platform you can submit a support ticket.

Service & Care Support

All customers with a valid license agreement, which have a Platform version that lies within the scope of the Thinkwise Lifecycle, can contact Thinkwise Service & Care online to

  • Submit a support ticket
  • Obtain information on an existing support ticket

Tickets are reported through TCP:

There are three levels of urgency:

  • Urgent: the incident causes such a disturbance in the operation of the Platform by the Licensee that direct and immediate damage is expected to occur
  • High: the incident causes a disturbance In the operation of the Platform by the Licensee, however it is not expected that this will lead to immediate damage
  • Regular: incidents that are not Urgent or High

We offer guaranteed response times on support tickets as follows

Urgency                                           Response time

Urgent                                              Immediately

High                                                  8 business hours

Regular                                             24 business hours

For urgent support tickets the Service & Care department must subsequently be contacted by telephone.


Service & Care is available from Monday through Friday between 8.30 AM and 17.30 PM (CMT+1) except for Dutch Public Holidays (Dutch and English spoken).