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Advanced Programs is a service provider founded in 1992 offering IT and data solutions. We help companies from all kinds of sectors to achieve their technical and business goals by deploying, implementing and optimizing technology in a smart and innovative way.

We have a wide experience in Finance, Retail, Distribution/Logistics. Advanced Programs highly values cooperation and co-creation with its clients, partners and suppliers. Advanced Programs cooperates with Thinkwise, Data Virtuality, IBM, Snowflake and Tableau. This enables us to offer total solutions to customers with the highest quality.

In addition, Advanced is involved in the MVO Platform Zeist and Samen voor Zeist. Director Ruud Vodegel: “Also this way we want to take responsibility and show our social involvement.”

Advanced Programs and Thinkwise

Advanced Programs has made a strategic choice to use Thinkwise to realize new business ideas or implement a digital business transformation for their customers.  Like no other we recognize the importance and value of legacy application environments, which must be taken into account in these processes.

With Thinkwise, Advanced Programs experiences every day, the power to build new application functionality, alongside or integrated with existing IT landscapes. Or even to replace legacy environments ‘one-to-one’. The power of Thinkwise is not limited to providing a powerful, flexible, interactive and scalable low-code software platform. We also experience the power of Thinkwise in thinking about how to take the next step in supporting our customers’ business-critical business processes in a businesslike and economical way.

Erwin Wolters - Business Unit Manager

“Digital transformation requires a fundamentally different approach regarding how applications are built and delivered. In many organizations, business and IT are not yet working together or even against each other. This is at the expense of innovation and agility. Through visual programming, the low code platform Thinkwise not only offers organizations a platform where business and IT can work together on software development, but it also reduces the backlog, accelerates development time and reduces costs.”

Mission & Approach

Outdated IT environments are for many organizations an obstacle to their growth and innovation. Since its foundation in 1992, Advanced Programs is dedicated to help companies from all sectors to achieve their technical and business goals. The company does this by maintaining, managing and modernizing their systems and applications.

Based on our core value of entrepreneurship, we take responsibility and are happy to offer our services to our clients on a project basis. In fact, we go a step further by delivering application functionality on an SLA basis. We are familiar with the Agile project methodologies such as Scrum and the more classic project methodologies such as PRINCE2.  Characteristic in our approach is that all our projects have a defined starting and ending point and that we inform our clients about the progress and possible challenges in between.


Our specialists have more than 25 years of experience in developing applications. Their knowledge and skills are up-to-date on various (low code) platforms and languages. This enables us to build new functionalities and/or adapt existing functionalities to suit your needs and IT environment. With the best results. Besides, we can think along with you about management and maintenance as well as innovative solutions for data analysis and data visualization.