Low-Code: the solution for Independent Software Vendors

Nowadays, software vendors, or ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) are increasingly facing the problem that their software package is outdated and offers little flexibility for innovation. Users are eagerly awaiting a version with a modern GUI and cloud deployment. Instead of replacing legacy software, new apps are built which are linked to the existing system. Result: a complex and bulky structure that takes a lot of time to maintain. With the Thinkwise Low-Code Platform, this problem is a thing of the past for software vendors. How? Read on now!

Gain a strategic advantage as ISV

Do you want to get rid of outdated software packages? Stop building apps and portals around your existing package and replace your core system with low-code software.

Low-code makes it possible to develop software visually, instead of programming millions of lines. This is 10x faster compared to traditional methods!

Your package is always up-to-date with Thinkwise

  • Applications become independent of technology and are automatically kept up-to-date.
  • The only low-code platform that specialises in the realisation of large and complex applications.
  • As a software supplier, you will be completely relieved of any technological concerns: we offer full support for the process from software realisation to authorisation and deployment. This allows you to concentrate on the business functionality that makes you stand out in the market!

As an ISV, how do you migrate to the Thinkwise Platform?

To modernise your application, the Thinkwise Platform reads the DNA from existing applications, using the Thinkwise Upcycler. By deriving metadata, the platform lays the foundation for the new application. This means that you don’t have to rebuild the application, but you can reuse useful parts. Depending on the technology, this will give your project a jumpstart of 20% to 40%!

Why would you choose Thinkwise?

Why would you choose Thinkwise?
  1. Easily modernise existing software.

  2. Automatically available on the latest technologies.

  3. Develop at least 10x faster than before.

  4. Manageable customisation for your customers.

  5. Specialised in (very) large and complex applications.

  6. Clean up backlogs efficiently.

What our customers say about us

“Thinkwise provides us with the means to develop the most perfect ERP Software. [..] We can now develop many times faster and at significantly lower costs than before. This gives both Acto and our customers a competitive advantage.”

“Without Thinkwise it would be impossible to build a completely new software solution for our customers within one year. [..] They give us a lot of personal attention and provide us with all the support we need.”

“The Thinkwise platform enables us to increase the speed with which we bring new services to the market”​

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Would you like to experience the Thinkwise Platform for yourself?

Curious about the possibilities of our platform for your organisation? During our Platform Experience you will discover…

  • How an application is modelled with the Thinkwise Low-Code Platform.
  • How you can develop software from the business perspective.
  • How you, even without a technical background, can easily model enterprise software.
  • How the platform can best be used for your specific situation.

The Platform Experience is completely free of charge. Interested? Then register now!

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Would you like to experience the Thinkwise Platform for yourself?