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About Thinkwise

Your business rules

Thinkwise is a Dutch software company and vendor of a proprietary low-code software development platform designed for quick and easy realization of core business software.

Since it was founded by Robert van der Linden and Victor Klaren in 2002, the business has expanded to become a major player in the enterprise software market.

Without professional enterprise software, businesses often cannot function at their best. However, these solutions are often inflexible and out of date. It’s generally a big risk to renew enterprise software. Above all, it’s simply an outdated way of doing things in this age of digital transformation.

With Thinkwise you can update legacy software and realize flexible, future-proof solutions that grow and evolve with your organization.

Global Player

Across the globe, companies in over 32 countries use software developed with the Thinkwise Platform. Not only can companies realize enterprise software themselves, but we also license the Thinkwise Platform to software suppliers or system integrators. They can use the platform to realize software solutions for their clients.

Ready for the future

We have a passion for working smarter and are always working on the continuous development of the Thinkwise Platform. Our R&D department never stops looking for the latest technological developments and trends. Because of this, our clients can focus on their core business and we will ensure the software remains technologically up to date and never becomes obsolete. As a result, enterprise software will never again hamper your organization in its growth.

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