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Verhoek Europe selects the Thinkwise low-code platform to replace its Transport Management System

Apeldoorn, 11 May 2021 – Verhoek Europe is an international logistics service provider with fourteen locations. The family business was recently passed to the third generation, which also triggered a technological innovation. The new management opted for Thinkwise to replace its outdated Transport Management System.

Verhoek Europe was founded in 1953. The family-run company began with the transport of reeds and rushes and later specialized in the carpet industry. Verhoek Europe has since developed into a professional and versatile international service provider. With fourteen locations, they are active across most of Europe. Along with roll transport, Verhoek Europe has expanded its activities and is now a leading specialist for warehousing and transportation of extra long goods such as industrial doors and sunblinds. The vehicle fleet consists of around 425 trucks and 550 trailers. The organization is currently run by the third generation who, together with over 900 employees, are proud and passionate to deploy all their knowledge, experience, and equipment to make it as easy as possible for everyone to make use of their services. The primary operation has been supported by a Transport Management System (TMS) for many years. This system was very outdated and was no longer being developed, which meant it was in dire need of replacement. While searching for an alternative, Verhoek quickly encountered Thinkwise.

“We were looking for a vendor that could help us implement our business processes in a modern environment, without having to develop software to achieve this,” says Rudy Selles, IT Manager at Verhoek. We came into contact with Thinkwise during our investigation into a suitable low-code solution. “We had a good feeling from the first meeting with Thinkwise, and after a proof of concept, we were convinced that Thinkwise was the right choice for us.”

Continuous improvement

One of Verhoek’s strategic ambitions is the continuous improvement of its logistic processes to optimize its services, continuity and sustainability, and maximize profits. To achieve this, the existing Transport Management System had to be replaced to allow faster modification of the software and continue functional development.

“We had no time to lose,” Selles explains. “After a training on the platform from Thinkwise we immediately started with a proof of concept to develop a new CRM application, with assistance where necessary. This was achieved within three weeks.”

Since then, the strategic collaboration has been in full swing. Verhoek is modernizing its existing TMS and the peripheral applications in phases. Just last year they released, among other things, a CRM system, a mobile manoeuvring app for drivers, and a Brexit module to digitalize and automate the administrative burden for freight transport between the UK and Europe.

Selles: “Without Thinkwise we could never have developed something like the Brexit module so quickly. Using the Thinkwise Platform we can develop software by just focusing on the functionality and the processes. Previously we not only had to test the functionality but also the technology, now we can fully concentrate on functionality. We have not encountered any technical bugs, which is great.”

Replacing TMS

Verhoek is currently hard at work modernizing its order management system. To do this, they have created interfaces with other applications such as the personnel and fleet management systems, for which Thinkwise provides all the necessary APIs. This brings the company ever closer to its goal of completely replacing the existing TMS with a new software platform, which has now been named the Verhoek Europe Operational System (VEOS), before the start of 2022. After going live, this system will be used on all vehicles and at all 14 business locations, fed by a central IT environment and database.

“We wanted to achieve results quickly and primarily focus on the functionality and control,” Selles concludes. “Rapid development is crucial for this and Thinkwise makes that possible. The platform is powerful and very compelling, and their employees are incredibly willing to assist and advise us. This high level of involvement is wonderful to see.”

About Verhoek Europe

Verhoek Europe is a logistics service provider with more than 60 years of experience. The family company, with its roots in the carpet industry, has now developed into a professional and versatile international service provider for which quality, commitment, service, and availability go hand in hand. General cargoes, extra long cargoes, pallets: Verhoek Europe meets all needs for distribution, transport, or warehousing. Verhoek Europe is able to optimally serve its customers in Europe from its own locations and European service points. More information: