Thinkwise is fully dedicated to the sustainable transformation of its customers

Apeldoorn, 1 November 2022 - During its annual Summit, Thinkwise, vendor of the eponymous software development platform, announced that it is transitioning beyond its low-code designation. Pieter-Paul van Beek, Thinkwise CEO: “Low-code is just the way we achieve our objective. What we do is all about the durable transformation of legacy core applications into software that never becomes obsolete and is therefore intrinsically sustainable.

Going forward, the focus of the company will be on sustainability, and the Summit reflected that particular aspect. Visitors from 19 countries, from Suriname to Japan, were there to hear Thinkwise CEO Pieter Paul van Beek announce that as far as Thinkwise is concerned, sustainable transformation is now equally important as business transformation and technological transformation. Sustainability by design, along with security by design and privacy by design, will become an integral part of the Thinkwise Platform.

A glance into the future

Thinkwise Chief Visionary Officer Victor Klaren and Chief Technology Officer Jasper Kloost provided a glance at what the world may expect of Thinkwise in the future. Jasper Kloost indicated that it will be possible to automatically enrich low-code models through artificial intelligence. Victor Klaren looked even further ahead and sees the Thinkwise Platform also becoming available ‘as a service’ in the near future. They also emphasized the commitment to sustainability by hinting at initiatives such as reducing the software's server usage by using the latest technologies and reducing network traffic.


Several customers at the Summit showcased how they achieved major improvements within their companies by using the Thinkwise Platform. Arie Versluis, ERP program manager at Royal Wagenborg, an international maritime logistics service provider, showed how his company has developed an application in which every aspect from the construction of cargo vessels to the loading and planning of routes and monitoring the entire fleet, have been combined into one clear user-friendly application within a very short time frame.

Jeroen van Zomeren, IM&CT Manager at Florensis, global leader in the breeding and production of young plants, related his experiences with the platform up till now. Florensis has been working with Thinkwise for the past eighteen months and has developed an application for the area planning of their greenhouses. Florensis is aiming for a delivery reliability of 99% and a CO2 reduction of 25% by 2025. The application, built with Thinkwise, will make a substantial contribution to this objective. Chantal de Geus, business process engineer, added: “Thinkwise provides standard integrated reporting, eliminating the need for a separate visualization layer on top of the application. We can now create scenarios to see what the impact of certain decisions will be and then select the most optimal solution. Through the Thinkwise application, we aim to increase greenhouse utilization resulting in a higher density of plants per square meter. As a result, less energy will be consumed per plant. Not only is this an obvious cost saving, but it also fits perfectly within Florensis' sustainability goals."


During the Summit, Thinkwise held a Hackathon during which five teams from Thinkwise partners were challenged to develop innovative solutions for sustainability issues. Incentro was ultimately declared the winner by the jury. They developed an application for one of their own customers, Enicion, to monitor and subsequently reduce their CO2 emissions. The application is integrated with the existing Enicion systems through an API and provides a dashboard in which all information and every task can be managed, including visual representations and even an advice report that indicates the best options for CO2 reduction. The other teams were from the partners Advanced Programs, SISAR, Starcode and EsperantoXL. EsperantoXL built an application for maintenance planning in a multi-user environment for a customer that was present at the event. This solution was already in such a good state that EsperantoXL and the customer are going to pursue its further development.

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