Wat is low-code

A brief introduction to Low-Code

What is low-code?

Low-code is the answer to the traditional challenges that occur during software development. By defining and designing software in a graphical manner, instead of programming millions of lines of code, it becomes possible to build manageable and fast applications that exactly align with the working methods within your company.

Being able to anticipate and react to developments in the market or the changed requirements of your customers is of vital importance in this digital age. Software should not be an obstacle for process improvement and innovation; on the contrary it should encourage it. However, traditional software development involves manual activity, and is therefore error prone and expensive. Furthermore, due to the length of time required for a project the software has often already become outdated by the time it is installed. Low-Code does away with traditional software development and ensures unprecedented high productivity. Low-code can be deployed in many different ways; from developing simple apps to a complete ERP system for large companies.

Low-Code for Core Systems

The deployment of Low-Code therefore has many benefits. However, the manner in which you deploy it and what you want to use it for determines which platform is best suited for your organization. There is a major difference between the development of an hour registration app and a fully comprehensive ERP system. In this respect, the Thinkwise Platform has a unique focus.

The Thinkwise Platform is uniquely suited for the creation of extensive enterprise applications. Consider, for example, solutions for stock control, production, logistics and other core activities. While other low-code platforms are deployed to develop apps and solutions that are supplementary to a (legacy) ERP system, the Thinkwise Platform is able to completely replace core systems, such as an ERP system. But also, for example, a transport management system for a transport company or a core system for insurance companies.

Even compared with other low-code platforms the Thinkwise Platform provides the highest productivity, also for large and complex projects. This is also clear from independent research carried out by QSM. This not only applies during the development process, but also after going live. The models are easy to modify and they automatically identify any mutual dependencies. The user interfaces, database and services are automatically modified after a change of the model.

Applications built with the Thinkwise Platform are technologically independent and it is only necessary to maintain a digital blueprint. This means that applications never have to be redeveloped.  Thinkwise customers who started using the Thinkwise Platform in 2002 have never replaced their software and today they still have a modern application. Furthermore, you are assured of the support provided by new technology and you can completely focus on the continued functional development of your IT landscape.

When replacing existing software, you may want to copy the data and the data structures. The Thinkwise Upcycler allows you to read in the existing application and derive meta data from it. Items such as tables, references, screen structures, translations and notifications. Based on this meta data, the platform creates the foundation for the new solution. It is therefore not necessary to rethink everything and you make a jump start for the project.

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Stay ahead of the competition with software that perfectly supports your organization! Accelerate your digital transformation by quick developing business critical applications and replacing legacy software.Thinkwise provides you with an extremely powerful low-code platform. One single platform that serves as the engine for your digital transformation. Legacy issues, together with inhibiting and inflexible software are now things of the past. Embrace the future and discover the unlimited freedom that is offered by the Thinkwise Platform.

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