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Futureproof IT

SLTN supports customers in their digital transformation.“We offer a large number of services which we have bundled into five business units; the “Big Five” of SLTN. These are Business Transformation Services, End User Computing, Networking, Secure Datacenter and Cloud Services.

The Business Transformation Services (BTS) business unit covers all services in the field of DevOps Data Engineering and Business Consultancy. Our mission is: ” to guide organizations in their growth and realization of a data-driven organization in a secure and scalable environment that is available for all layers in the organization”.

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SLTN relieves ICT

We see Thinkwise as the ideal low code platform for creating modularly built custom applications, guaranteeing maximum reusability and an excellent price/performance ratio. This makes Thinkwise an important building block for the mission of BTS.”

The #1 low-code platform for core systems