Low-Code for financial service providers

Nowadays, clients expect more when it comes to security and a modern online user experience. As a result, a growing number of consumers are switching to a different bank or insurer when the latter no longer matches their expectations. Fintech companies are capitalizing on the fast changing customer demands and are rapidly increasing their market share.

And yet, 30-year-old legacy core systems (developed with COBOL, RPG, Delphi and others) are no exception in this sector. Failure to consolidate core systems can be a major contributor to this issue as well. This technological debt causes 80% of the available IT budget to go to maintenance, and only 20% to innovation.

Now imagine solving this within a year!

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Shrink backlogs and speed up digital transformation: low-code for financial services

By modernizing your application landscape with the Thinkwise low-code platform you will be replacing millions of lines of code with graphical models. These models are flexible and easily adaptable so that business and IT are always aligned. Applications built on the platform never become outdated again because functionality is separated from the technology. This guarantees that you always have access to modern applications in a cloud of your choice, which are immediately available on desktop, web and mobile.

Customer-driven functionalities are quickly implemented as you model unique business processes instead of programming them. Another benefit is that the well-known shortage of legacy IT developers in the financial sector becomes a thing of the past when working with Thinkwise.

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Convert over 40 legacy technologies

Replace core systems within 12 months

20 years of software best practices

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