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SPECTRUM AG – the company which combines an exceptional career program and long-standing IT consultancy. We were founded in the south of Germany in 1986, where we are still located in our headquarters in Stuttgart with 170 employees. Last year we expanded globally with our offices in the USA and Canada.

Our talent, upskilling and consulting solutions include diverse, synergetic service elements.
Providing individual and newly developed solutions for varied customer requirements in the era of digitalisation is our recipe for success.

We have over 30 years of experience in recruiting and educating young professionals in our career solutions program. We offer an upskilling service to strengthen the digital competence of specialists and managers. And completing our portfolio is our long-standing IT consulting competencies – our professional services.
Our comprehensive solutions are exactly the right combination to help our customers adapt easily to current market requirements.

Our history

SPECTRUM, an IT services company, was always a high performing and expansive company due to our top qualified consultants. However, our customers soon recognized the value of such skilled employees and were quick to headhunt our best consultants. This was a very tricky and critical situation threatening our core business.

But, quick to rise to the challenge, we created a strong cooperation with one of our customers, which remains rewarding and effective to this day. This was the starting point of our career solutions, and we began to train talented candidates for our clients meeting their individual needs. In the meantime, this progressive concept is now part of our core business.

Today we are operating internationally with innovative, market-orientated services for complete career solutions complemented by IT services: our SPECTRUM Talent Solutions. Our solution helps our clients and young professionals to compete in the unsteady times of digitalisation.

Our speciality

We are responding to the challenges of a digital world with tried and tested methods. We represent high adaptive solutions. We understand the specific challenges of our clients. Together we identify their specific needs. Afterwards we develop a customised solution based on our methods and their requirements and implement these into their core business. However, the most important aspect will always remain our personal relationship to our clients, our candidates and our employees.