Verbrugge International replaces operational legacy with the Thinkwise low-code Platform

Apeldoorn, 25th April 2019 – Verbrugge International, the leading Logistics Service Provider in the Dutch province of Zeeland, replaces its operational legacy software by using the Thinkwise Platform. The project kicked off earlier this year after an extensive selection process and a jointly executed Proof of Concept in November.

Verbrugge International now has a fresh perspective on its future. After decades of operational growth, Verbrugge undergoes a digital transformation which offers the perfect moment to review the operational processes and make them future-proof.

The existing application landscape is not sufficiently equipped to accommodate digital development. Both the functional structure and the use of new technologies require a continuous process of improvement and adjustment. One of the areas that required an application was the shipping of steel. The app ensures an immediate reduction in costs and it increases the reliability of the process. The handling of steel shipping orders is now realized with the use of a tablet.

It is Verbrugge’s strategy to use the Thinkwise platform to realize a new ERP environment named VAMOS. VAMOS will be modeled and implemented in several phases whereby the most essential processes, resulting in the biggest profits, will get the highest priority. Regular low-code platforms are generally not immediately suitable to replace WMS or ERP environments because the productivity of these platforms is too low while, at the same time, the systems are too complex. The Thinkwise Platform, however, is specifically targeted to replace extensive and complex ERP environments.

Martijn Teuben – CIO Verbrugge International: “The Thinkwise platform allows us to dismantle our legacy software step by step while maintaining high productivity. This ensures a fast result and a complete replacement of the existing applications.”

After a short training, a jointly executed Proof of Concept has shown that:

  • The promised productivity is realized
  • the Thinkwise platform can be easily integrated with the existing IT landscape
  • the developers of Verbrugge find it easy to learn how to use the Thinkwise Platform

Bart van ‘t Klooster – Senior Business Developer Thinkwise: “The strategy chosen by Verbrugge International fits in perfectly with the vision of Thinkwise. Verbrugge also realizes that you solve the core of all your challenges when you ultimately replace the existing set of applications as a whole.”

About Verbrugge International B.V.

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