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About PragmatiQ

Lowcode & Nocode wizards

Founded in 2009, PragmatiQ supports customers in virtually all industries with their digitization issues and digital transformation. In the early years their activities mainly consisted of consultancy and implementation projects in the field of business process management, and supervising package selection processes.

In almost all projects, customization was always necessary. In recent years they have therefore undergone a transformation themselves. Now they develop their own custom solutions using low- and nocode platforms. For their more complex projects, they have an online learning environment available to support the user adoption, which can be seamlessly integrated into the process in which the user is currently active. They call this e-performance support.

PragmatiQ & Thinkwise

Demand grew for larger and more complex projects for business-critical software solutions, which can handle large volumes of data. The Thinkwise Platform is specifically designed for this purpose. This is why Pragmatiq, together with Thinkwise, has made the transition to low-code. With the Thinkwise Platform PragmatiQ now has the ability to realize core systems for organizations and to modernize legacy software.

According to director John van der Draai, the Thinkwise low-code platform aligns perfectly with the expertise of his employees: “The way the Thinkwise platform works is very well suited to what we do: optimizing business operations with ERP systems. We used to do a lot of ERP consultancy, but in the past few years we have expanded and strengthened our team with specialists and we are now capable of developing complete low-code ERP systems.”

“Low-code business software is much more flexible than the solutions from large ERP companies such as Infor, SAP and Unit4. Just try to change something in a suite like that. That’s not easy and in many cases this is when software problems start to pile up. Thinkwise, on the other hand, is an extremely flexible system that enables organizations to become truly agile. They will be able to adapt to market developments much faster and, where necessary, easily update their systems and processes without having to start over.”

John van der Draai – Director PragmatiQ

Mission & Approach

PragmatiQ Low-Code No-Code Wizards supports its customers in accelerating their digital transformation with future-proof solutions that enable them to strengthen their competitive position.

Since 2009 PragmatiQ focuses on delivering pragmatic and effective software solutions. Through process analysis and the (re)design of flexible processes they realize flexible software that is tailored to the organization. They deliver end-to-end projects with support from start to finish and far beyond the project.

With their Low-code and No-code platforms, they realize both complete custom ERP solutions and simple (native) applications that optimally and flexibly support business operations.


PragmatiQ has extensive experience in realizing low- and nocode solutions in various industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Banks & Insurers
  • Government
  • Industry
  • Professional Services
  • Retail