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OVSoftware was founded in 1972 and was one of the first software companies in the Netherlands. From offices in Apeldoorn, The Hague, Enschede and Münster (Germany) OVSoftware helps customers by efficiently deploying the right expertise in all aspects of software realization, management and maintenance. OVSoftware provides services to companies in various sectors including the Food Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Financial Services, Transport, Travel Industry and Government. Our passion for technology, our interest in the business and our collaboration with clients enable us to realize tailor-made software. This is appreciated by our clients with long-term partnerships and excellent references.


OVSoftware starts by analyzing organizational processes and information flows in order to realize innovative software from there. Because of the long-term relationships we enter into with our clients, we know both their ICT environment and the business side of the story. Together with the client, solutions are realized that meet the actual needs. We coordinate how the collaboration goes, which matters are taken care of by OVSoftware and where they want to be taken care of by OVSoftware.

Realizing software with the Thinkwise platform is a logical decision for OVSoftware. The collaboration with Thinkwise is pleasant and constructive; we both have the passion to relieve our customers of their worries. The way of working and the use of technology complement each other and in this way, we can offer our clients the best possible service. Thinkwise and OVSoftware both have an office in Apeldoorn, literally and figuratively short lines of communication.

Many companies have the modernization of their core systems high on their agenda. How can they continue and at the same time innovate faster? How do they ensure that the investment in this does not have to be made every few years? How do they select a service provider that applies extensive experience in software realization to effectively and efficiently apply to the specific situation in their company?

With OVSoftware’s expertise, experience and approach in combination with the low code platform Thinkwise, applications are realized quickly and in a solid way. This works both for the redesign of existing applications and the realization of new applications and functionalities. By setting up the low code platform Thinkwise, these applications remain permanently up-to-date.

Lucas Harbers: “We experience with the help of the low code platform Thinkwise that we can support the business of our customers faster and more flexibly compared to existing ERP and CRM solutions.

Mission OVSoftware

OVSoftware is an innovative, highly requested partner for ICT projects in business and government. With almost 50 years of experience in the ICT sector, we distinguish ourselves through involvement, the high level of knowledge of employees with the right working mentality, reliability and the flexibility to respond quickly to changes from the market.


Food industry

How can I better connect my existing information systems? How can I use my data to predict? What is the advice after an analysis of our application landscape? We provide answers to these and other questions, allowing our customers to focus on the business.

Manufacturing industry

Increase delivery reliability, streamline production, avoid waste. In that part of the industry that processes materials into new products, good software applications can make a difference. We support the business processes of our customers such as Nedap, Thales, Ter Hoek, Fumico and Wesseling (Germany) with advice and customized solutions.

Financial Services

How do I retain enough budget and capacity to innovate, improve, and accelerate in addition to the cost of keeping existing IT up and running? Do I still comply with all laws and regulations? With knowledge and many years of experience, we work together with the client on both maintenance and renewal of applications. We also realize web portals to streamline payment traffic.


Is your transport management system in need of replacement? Are you looking for flexibility for professional fleet management? With more than twenty years of experience in developing solutions for the transport and mobility domain, we like to think along with you. Our knowledge is used for logistic processes, steering information and up-to-date dashboards.

Travel industry

What does a travel organization do to maintain or increase its position in the market? Innovation is necessary and this is happening faster and faster in the field of IT. Being able to respond quickly to demands from the market or the organization is where OVSoftware delivers knowledge and capacity.

TUI: “Due to the long-term relationship with OVSoftware we can always switch quickly.


Reliable, extensive knowledge of ICT technologies and applications, familiarity with the ins and outs of the government market. A few reasons why several large government implementing organisations choose one of the oldest Dutch software companies as a supplier of certified ICT specialists.


With the Document Management solutions we offer both packages and setup support to streamline document flows at accounting firms, lawyers, banks, retail companies & food industry.

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