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As a digital change company, we believe in the power of change. We enable sustainable growth by unleashing the human potential of our employees. 

Together with our partners, we build awesome digital solutions. We know how to act on the needs of our clients. It only takes boldness, mastery, and passionate Incentronauts to kick-start a digital transformation. While we do so we care about our planet, so we take care of our carbon footprint. The aim? A zero carbon footprint in 2025. Let’s embrace change.

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About collaboration Incentro and Thinkwise

Both Thinkwise and Incentro share the same vision when it comes to how they approach the market. We do not fear change and welcome modernization and digital transformation. This common vision is the basis of the partnership.

Thinkwise focusses on modernizing critical core systems, such as ERP systems. Thinkwise believes that there is less room for programming and more for smart development and design With nineteen years of experience, Thinkwise dares to implement major radical changes and rebuild applications. As Incentro we strive to help organizations take a digital next step. And that is why we are so happy with this partnership. We complement each other well!

Krein-Jan Hilbers, Managing Director Digital Transformation at Incentro: “It’s great to see that in addition to a substantive match, there is such enormous energy in this partnership. Culturally matching organizations that aim for real impact with customers.”

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Our partnership is built on the ambition to grow and transform the world of legacy core applications. Together we believe it is possible to free organizations from the legacy that makes it impossible to transform as an organization. We put an end to the need to adjust business processes, so that they fit the standards of legacy packages.

Our specialists are ready for our customers to deal with legacy applications. Using the low-code platform, we model applications in such a way that they optimally match the business processes. We think being able to respond flexibly and quickly to changes is an important aspect in this. With this we enable your organization to distinguish itself from the competition.