Low-Code Platform for Independent Software Vendors

Your software suite always technologically and functionally up to date!

> Modernize and innovate your solution
> Automatically available on the latest technologies
> Develop at least 10x faster
> Licence fees independent of the number of users

Your software package, always up to date

Thinkwise offers independent software vendors a structural solution for future-proofing their organization:

No shell software or apps and portals around your existing software package, but a complete renewal using an integrated low-code software development platform that eliminates the problem of software becoming obsolete.

With the Thinkwise platform, you will modernize your product and automatically keep it up to date. With your knowledge on the sector, you can focus on the business functions that let you make a difference in the marketplace. Thinkwise ensures your software package is always available on the latest technologies, so it will last forever.

Update your software package

When your package is mainly technologically outdated, it can be updated. You get to maintain your working methods and it reduces the time-to-market considerably. You also have a new basis from which to develop and make your software product even more distinguishing. The Thinkwise platform helps Independent Software Vendors get rid of their legacy problems for good.

Antea Group low-code platform
Acto low-code platform

Stop programming, start modelling

Fast, cost-efficient and intuitive

The fully integrated low code platform from Thinkwise is specifically designed for the development of large and complex applications, such as ERP and other business-critical software. Following a short training of one week you will be able to develop at least 10 times faster than using traditional software development methods.

By using the Thinkwise platform, you will be relieved of all your technological worries. Your solution is immediately available on Windows, Web and Mobile. In addition, we will ensure that the Thinkwise technology that forms the basis of the processes you modelled, is always up to date and free of bugs.

Embrace the power of the Thinkwise Platform and experience unparalleled freedom, time-to-market and flexibility.

The result


The Thinkwise platform prevents your solution from again becoming obsolete. It automatically updates to the latest technology, without the need to rebuild it.

Highest Productivity

The average number of hours required to realize a project is at least 80% below the market average. That is not just our own experience, but the conclusion of independent research bureau QSM as well.

Automatically up-to-date

Using the Thinkwise Platform prevents your solution becoming obsolete ever again. It automatically transfers to the latest technology without having to be rebuild. You are essentially outsourcing much of the technology. You can focus entirely on your unique business functions and continue to distinguish yourself there.

Manageable custom work

Will new client and partner wishes b ecome part of your standard? Or would you rather keep them separate? With the Thinkwise platform, you can manage both perfectly, and your clients are easily taken along to the newest version.

Easy to learn

Your developers will learn to work with the Thinkwise Platform quickly and efficiently using our free online learning environment. Our Academy also provides release training, so that your developers are always up to date with the latest technologies and features.

Big, bigger, biggest

The Thinkwise platform was specifically designed to realize (very) large applications, both in terms of size and amount of data. No application is too large or too complex, while maintaining incredible speed. It simply grows in accordance with the customer’s wishes and you will stay ahead in your market segment.

Thinkwise Community

All Thinkwise developers are connected to our thriving Thinkwise community. Within this community, Thinkwise platform users come together to discuss software development with the Thinkwise low-code platform. To share ideas, and to search for solutions together.

Thinkwise Platform Experience

Thinkwise Proof of Value

Experience the Thinkwise Platform live!

During our Platform Experience, you will experience how the Thinkwise Platform lives up to the promise of faster, better and more affordable enterprise software.

We will show you step by step how a Thinkwise application is created. From requirements to testing, and even adjustments after Go-live.

  • The Thinkwise Platform Experience is free
  • Learn to develop from the business software
  • Discover how you, with no technical background, can easily model enterprise software

Of course there will be time during the session to discuss your specific situation with the Thinkwise experts.


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