Thinkwise Platform

Low-Code for in-house software development

Develop large-scale applications at lightning speed!

> Deploy solutions in the cloud or on-premise
> Directly available on Windows, Web and Mobile
> Interface with other systems and data sources
> Licence fees independent of number of users

Model your own enterprise software

Using the Thinkwise low-code platform, you can create sizeable business applications that seamlessly integrate with all your business processes, with minimal technical expertise. This allows the Thinkwise Platform to boost your productivity enormously, increasing it up to ten times compared to traditional software development. New propositions or business processes are converted to a perfectly tailored solution in no-time. And apart from flexibility and speed, your software is also automatically kept technologically up to date.

Thinkwise makes traditional software development challenges a thing of the past.

Low-Code for Core Systems

Organizations such as Zeeman and VDL Groep have already started realizing their entire application landscape using Thinkwise. Discover the power of Thinkwise and regain control!

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Stop programming, start modelling

Fast, cost-efficient and intuitive

The fully integrated low-code platform from Thinkwise is the only low-code platform in the world capable of developing complex business software such as ERP. Following a short training of one week you will be able to develop at least 10 times faster than using traditional software development methods.

And the maintenance of the software you created is also a lot easier, because we’ll be doing it for you. We will ensure that the Thinkwise technology that forms the basis of the processes you modelled, is always up to date and free of bugs.

Embrace the power of the Thinkwise Platform and experience unparalleled freedom, time-to-market and flexibility.

The result

Play into Business needs

Innovate faster than ever. With Thinkwise, you no longer have to worry about future developments. Embrace new technologies like AI, IOT, Big Data.

Replace legacy

Stop creating little apps and using quick fixes. Stop combatting symptoms. Thinkwise is the platform that lets you take care of the root of the problem. Modernize your legacy starting today!


Unlimited connectivity. Thanks to the Thinkwise Indicium© service layer, Thinkwise Software will smoothly integrate with existing platforms, technology and processes.

Easy to learn

Organizations that use the Thinkwise Platform to create are offered a standard 5-day training program. Afterwards, your developers will be able to use our development platform independently. Stop developing, start modelling!

Perfect Fit

Thinkwise provides solutions that support the entire operational process perfectly. As little software as possible, but everything you need. Tailor-made to the processes that make your organization unique.

Thinkwise Community

All Thinkwise developers are connected to our thriving Thinkwise community. Within this community, Thinkwise platform users come together to discuss software development with the Thinkwise low-code platform. To share ideas, and to search for solutions together.

Modelling in a Low-Code platform

At least 10x faster than programming

Low-code is an answer to the demand for faster and better methods of realizing enterprise software. Regular low-code solutions are usually used to quickly develop smaller applications. These are not intended to realize large company-critical systems or ERP.

This is what makes the Thinkwise Platform unique! Thinkwise is the only low-code platform in the world that is specialized in modelling large business applications and Enterprise Software. Even existing, outdated applications can be modernized. This is confirmed by Forrester, among others.

Discover low code for enterprise software, try the Thinkwise Platform now.

10x sneller

Business software as a strategic weapon

Is impossible using slow development projects or software packages that force you to make concessions in functionality or your business processes. After 30 years of traditional software solutions, a revolution is at hand: modelling software, independent of technology, using the Thinkwise low-code platform.

Thinkwise Platform Experience

Thinkwise Proof of Value

Experience the Thinkwise Platform live!

In our Platform Experience, you will experience how the Thinkwise Platform lives up to the promise of faster, better and more affordable enterprise software.

We will show you step by step how a Thinkwise application is created. From requirements to testing, and even adjustments after Go-live.

  • The Thinkwise Platform Experience is free
  • Learn to develop from the business’s needs
  • Discover how you, with no technical background, can easily model enterprise software

Of course there will be time during the session to discuss your specific situation with the Thinkwise experts.


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