JP Database Solutions modernized legacy software with Thinkwise

“The Thinkwise Platform facilitates the entire process, from the start of a project through to the construction and after-care for the buyers.” - Johan van Eijsden, founder and owner of JPDS

During the past 15 years, JP Database Solutions has developed and installed a software package that provides purchasing guidance for the construction and installation branch. When further development of the existing software environment was discontinued, the founder and owner Johan van Eijsden decided to recreate the software using the Thinkwise Platform. And with success. JPDS, with its modernized software, is now ready for the future and can now better satisfy the high expectations of its customers.

A purchasing advisor, an intermediary between the construction company and the buyers of newly built houses, advises buyers with their choices for additional and reduced work. Johan van Eijsden, founder and owner of JPDS, and his team initially developed the JP Construction Management software solution with PerfectView, once a very popular and configurable CRM system for Windows. When it became clear that the further development of this software was being discontinued, Van Eijsden decided that it was time to modernize the software using a modern development environment. It was quickly apparent that low-code development was the best way to proceed due to the fast speed of development and great flexibility. Following a thorough selection procedure he decided that the Thinkwise Platform was the most suitable solution to build the new software.

Thinkwise has a lot in common with the development environment that we were accustomed to in PerfectView; that made the transition much easier,” Johan says. “Furthermore, the Thinkwise platform enabled us to upgrade our antique dBase database to SQL Server, thanks to the flexible database support. We could also connect with external applications much easier through the service tier.

A non-standard solution

When JPDS was founded in 2005, there was still very little standard software available that provided purchasing guidance for construction companies. Van Eijsden decided to fill this gap in the market and develop an application for it himself.

Our software is mainly used during major building projects and serial housing construction.”, Johan explains. “We don’t offer a standard ERP solution, which only covers the project and financial administration. Our software is tailor-made, on the basis of user feedback, to simplify the work of a purchasing advisor as much as possible. The Thinkwise Platform facilitates the entire process, from the start of a project through to the construction and after-care for the buyers.

Specific functionality

Before making the strategic choice for the Thinkwise Platform the JPDS team followed a basic training course at the Apeldoorn head office.

Van Eijsden: “During the course it was clear that we wanted to use this low-code solution for the redevelopment of our software. In addition, it turned out that all the functionality could be transferred almost one-for-one to Thinkwise.

JPDS made a flying start with the new application by initially engaging a number of experienced Thinkwise experts for twenty days. Afterwards, Van Eijsden completed the entire software package step by step in Thinkwise within one year.

That was a long process, particularly because it is a complex application and we also had to continue to support our existing customers on the old platform,” he says.

The final result was enthusiastically received by our existing customers. “Our customers are very enthusiastic about the functionality within the application,” says Van Eijsden. The fact that the software was now also available as a cloud solution, made a big impression:
Three-quarters of our customers are now working with the cloud version. Unfortunately this is not possible for everyone, for instance when there are connections with ERP systems on site. In that case they just use the Windows application.

Plans for the future

Development of the JPDS software is on-going, states Van Eijsden. “We have now also developed a separate web portal where buyers can enter complaints. This environment is directly connected with the Thinkwise Platform, where further processing takes place. We also want to give the user environment a somewhat calmer look and feel, for which the new Thinkwise Universal GUI is very suitable.

Thinkwise is not the only important partner for JPDS, the company also has a good relationship with another Thinkwise partner, SmartTeam. “This company opted for the Thinkwise Platform at the same time as us, and since then we regularly exchange a lot of experience and help each other with development. This is a fantastic addition to the available documentation and the Thinkwise community.