Business Innovators

Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Say goodbye to rigid systems, millions of lines of code, technological and functional obsolescence.

Thinkwise offers you the flexibility to play into a changing marketplace with the certainty that your software will never become technologically out of date. Enterprise software will never again inhibit the growth of your organization.

With Thinkwise as your partner, you are ensuring your IT landscape will become and remain 100% manageable.

Innovation as strength

Enterprise software created using the Thinkwise platform ensures speedier innovation. All enterprise software we supply is hyper flexible and can be adjusted in no-time. Our model-driven approach to software development eliminates technological debt, complexity and legacy. With Thinkwise, your enterprise software will always be up to date, now and in the future.

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The Thinkwise approach

Ready for the future

Together we will model your business processes: we create a functional description of your business processes and record these in a graphic model. These models are realized using the Thinkwise low-code platform and automatically result in functioning software.

This results in your unique solutions feeling like custom work, but it’s completely derived from functional models.

Thinkwise chooses to completely separate these models from technology. A model is much easier to adjust than millions of lines of code. The big advantage: when you adjust the model, the software automatically changes accordingly. This means you software will always be functionally and technologically up to date.

Immortal software: a revolutionary development in the software sector.

The result


Innovate faster than ever before. With Thinkwise, you’ll never have to worry about future developments again. Embrace new technologies such as AI, IOT, Big Data. Let your business be your guiding principle again.


Thinkwise enterprise software grows to accommodate your organization’s ambitions. Without unexpected costs, expensive consultants or hidden fees.


Enterprise software developed using Thinkwise is easy to use. Always immediately available on the web, on mobile and in Windows.

Life-Time guarantee

We believe in the power of our platform. That is why we offer all our customers a life-time guarantee on all enterprise software we create.

Perfect Fit

Thinkwise provides solutions that perfectly support the entire operational process. As little software as possible, but still everything you need. Specifically designed based on the processes that make your organization unique.

Build on past success stories

Thinkwise is flexible and the software possibilities are endless. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to reinvent the wheel. Update your current legacy environment using Thinkwise. Our unique Upcycle technology can conveniently capture successful processes from the past in new models and carry them along into new technologies.

Custom Demo

The best demo is a demo with your own data and processes. That is exactly what we offer with the Thinkwise Custom Demo.

Request the Thinkwise Custom Demo and discover what Thinkwise can do for your organization! You will see your own familiar environment on an entirely new platform.

A convincing demonstration, completely tailor-made and aimed at YOUR processes and YOUR data. It will let you make a well-considered decision.

  • A custom Demo is free;
  • A Custom Demo is tailored to you;
  • We work with data you provide;
  • Direct insight into your version of Thinkwise software.

"Our motto strength through collaboration is very applicable to our strategic software partner Thinkwise. Thanks to our successful collaboration, we can continue to innovate successfully in the future. "

These companies already use the Thinkwise to model enterprise software

"Thinkwise adds the term strategic partner as it develops software "exceptionally good!"

Jean Paul van Beveren

Deputy Director - VDL Nederland

Quote from W.E.C. Lines

"With Thinkwise we modernized our entire ERP system. And the best part: we wont to worry about the future."

Johan den Hartigh

Cost & Revenue Controller - WEC Lines


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